Will you vote for someone if they are a Theist?

I'm just wondering if there are other people out there like me.


I've found, most people have one or two fundamental political positions he/she uses to make a decision for whom to vote.  I'm not saying everyone is like this by any means.  Just saying, it's usually pretty easy to find out on what basis someone generally makes when picking a candidate.


My contention when determining the best candidate revolves around his/her personal religious belief.  I feel compelled to begin there for reasons of credibility.  If a candidate believes fantasy is real, in my mind, they simply cannot be credible enough to make real-world economic and legal decisions for other people.  This point is above all other political issues.


I keep asking myself "If Mr/s _______ truly believes the Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny/Santa Claus is REAL, how can I trust he/she can make good decisions representing me?"  If I meet a man on the road and he's talking to someone I cannot see, would I want him managing the money I pay in taxes?  Wouldn't I rather want to help him get the psychological help he truly needs?


I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has this make-or-break position when choosing to vote for someone.  If not, how do you justify voting for a believer?

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I assume that Obama, for example, is too intelligent to be a theist. I might be wrong. I would never vote for a theist I knew to be one because of its brayings and bleatings. I didn't vote for Obama because, despite his obvious intelligence, he's a corporatist tool and a whore.


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