I don't know how many people have come across this Christian Apologist, but he makes part of his living going around having debates with atheists. In the debates he uses many obscure philosophical quotes and sets up many lies like; "Historians all agree..." or "scholars all agree" and the like. He throws up many arguments which give his atheist debate challenger has little time to make there own points.

What I find very disgusting about Craig is his corporation "Reasonable Faith" is set up as a tax exempt ministry. But unlike actual ministries like Catholic Charities, Craig does no good works, provides no other minister functions like funerals, weddings, comforting the indigent, helping the homebound. His ministry is basically a promotion company for himself. He uses his appearances to sell his books and other apologists crap. Probably the worst thing is he charges people $40 or more a month to defend him on Facebook, Youtube, etc. Actually charges people to defend him. While it's not exactly illegal, he pushes the boundary and is completely in it for the money. He does not show up anywhere for free.

His most recent bad act was doing over an hour criticizing the new Dawkins/Krauss documentary. He says he "screened the movie" but what he did was get a hold of a stolen copy of the audio track and try to criticize the film without actually seeing it. He lied about stealing the tape and lied when he didn't tell anyone he was reviewing it with only the audio track.


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Well, what can I say here? These people make things up and try to counter atheists with remarks like "the Bible says." They are so gullible they think the bible is some sort of "last word" of authority that makes something valid. Then they throw in "historians and scholars all agreeing", and we know that they simply do not. The reason they do this is because they know deep down that they have no scientific or provable data. They also know that the gullible will see things their way and that ends any argument.

These people believe that their bible is a historical document that records everything about mankind from beginning to end. How dare anyone say differently about the 66 separate books written by sporadic bronze age tribal goat herders.

Lastly, they believe what they do (and defend it) because there is a lot of money to be made here. The collection plate is the most important part of any church service!

Well said!


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