I have an ASUS laptop with windows 8.  I didn't want the update but I dropped my old machine and broke the screen.  I use it mainly for working remotely, and the internet.  I usually do the same thing over and over, so once I figure out how to make a function work, I keep it that way and get used to it.   I downloaded Firefox and Chrome operating systems for my remote work.  Those haven't changed too much so I'm OK there.  Although, Firefox doesn't support group icon picture change on Ning (Nexus), but Chrome does, which is weird.

No matter what I do on this damn computer, it's more awkward, more difficult, or just can't be done compared to the last one.  I just tried to load a DVD to watch a movie, which I rarely do on the computer.  It took 20 minutes to figure out how. 

It took me a month to figure out how to override the system's self-resize of the screen.  The most annoying time suck since the government invented IRS forms.  Why did they set it up to self-resize and make me go through multi steps every time, and the majority of internet instructions to turn off that function didn't work.

I'm not a computer novice and I'm not stupid.  This system sucks.  It was designed by christians to punish atheists for not believing in god.  Windows 8 is the hell of computer systems.  It is punishment of Sisyphus.  I loathe it.

Absolutely nothing is better with WIndows 8 and a lot of things are worse.

I hate windows 8.  I also hate this damn ASUS laptop, even though I'll probably be using it for 5 years.

Thank you for reading this rant. 

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This is the only  version of Windows I've had trouble with.

It also doesn't work well with I-tunes but I think that's Apple's fault.  Both deserve a loss of market share to something more sensible.

I've no firsthand experience.. but can it really be worse than Vista and ME?

I've worked with all flavours of MS OS's from MS-dos onwards except W8 and by far the two above where the worst.


I don't know ME...  I've worked on almost every other system since DOS 1.0

Vista wasn't that bad for me.

W8 is much less accessible.  They seemed to want it to look like tablet, without being a tablet.  It's harder to access files and programs.


Long video but I'm not the only one who loathes windows 8.  I wish there was a way to replace my operating system.


Try using a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Red Hat Fedora.

I wish I understood those but I dont.  But thanks for the suggestion.  I'll google on them (or dukduckgo since I'm avoiding google when I can).. 

That "Classic Shell" does help a lot -   just downloaded it and played a little.  Suddenly, I can find stuff.  It's accessible!  Maybe if I can get it to work like Win & or Vista again I'll quit hating it.

Looks like there's a way to make Windows 8 work like Windows 7.  Warning, this guy cusses a lot.



> It was designed by christians to punish atheists for not believing in god.  Windows 8 is the hell of computer systems.

LoL wat?

Thanks for your post, Sentient, and I agree. I got a new Toshiba laptop not long ago with Windows 8 on it and have wrestled that around. The first thing I did was get rid of "Windows Live." This feature was really causing some problems. (We all know that nothing is "live" on a PC app. It's just a matter of being online at the same time.) The very next thing I worked on was getting rid of things "Toshiba." You don't need apps that are pay or become pay later. Use "PC Decrapifier" and get rid of some of this stuff.

By now I've learned a lot about Windows 8 and can use it, but after reading your post I'm going to download the Classic Shell and make it easier on myself.

The thing with Windows 8 is that they want it to look like a tablet so as to prepare all users for the day that all systems work like a tablet. I'm not very fond of that idea.

Let's face it, MS has had a long string of "worst operating system ever". I'm still smarting from using the laptop my wife had. Windows ME was crap. I've been hanging onto XP, hoping they'd come out with something that would be worth the effort. At this rate, it'll be an android world by the time MS gets it together.

Android is based on debian Linux.

I still have Windows XP on a desk top computer purchased in 2003. Until recently I used Internet explorer 8 browser and have now switched to Mozilla Firefox. MS support for Windows XP runs out next year at which time I will buy a copy of Windows 7 on a disc to replace Windows XP.

Microsoft is big enough to make different OS for tablet vs. Laptop/desktop.  They are so different, it's like making a fish fly or a bird swim.  OK, there are flying fish and penguins, but I can't think of a better analogy.

Using search wasn't working well for me.  I'm glad I got pissed off now - it led me to look up options.  Classic Shell isn't perfect, but much better for me.  I'm open to any other options - hope there are some.  The little shell icon looks like a Simpson's character on drugs...  but that's OK.

Here is an article with other options, but I haven't tried them yet.




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