Winnepeg Theatre Festival Presents "Lies of a Promiscuous Woman," Depicting Mary as a Tart Who Got Pregnant and Made up Angel Story to Avoid Stoning

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Frankly that seems like a far more likely scenario then I'm pregnant with God's son.

Which is more likely, that the whole natural order is suspended or that a Jewish minx should tell a lie?
-- Christopher Hitchens, attributing Hume

Even on the History Channel, talking about what Jesus-the-human might've been like, they implied that his mother risked being stoned to death for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. If he existed at all, this wouldn't surprise me. And growing up hearing that story got him thinking, I'd better keep up this charade.......!

You've got to love that radical dichotomy regarding the position of women - they're either property / whores or the mother of god!  No in between at all!

That's brilliant, James.

Then, again, there is the amalgamated Jesus of Constantine, knowing some citizens but not his Mithraic army, would accept the idea of a virgin birth (and see Krishna, many other deities who partake of this same myth), gave the Nicean savior a trinity of three gods in one god, an old Hindu con and by use of "God the Father" fooled the followers of Father Mithras into accepting the Nazarene. This historical Jesus was invented whole fabric but put together like a patchwork quilt of older myths, using then-legion magicians, itinerant bishops, oriental gurus, and messianic frauds to lend an assist. (It is not for nothing that the Book of Acts comes down so hard on Simon Magus, when anyone who has read that magician's Holy Books knows well that he was brilliant, along the lines of a Hermes Trismegistus or another model for Christ. Were the priests jealous? Constantine killed upwards of 90 bishops on the road to Nicea, folks who only sided with Arius, who claimed Jesus was too spiritual an entity to ever have been "made flesh." (How many sprites can dance on the head of a penny?) The Church silences anything trashing its own dogma. The very idea of being "Baptized in the [blood of Jesus Christ]" is based on Father Mithras, who fought a bull, died and was resurrected, but Constantine and the Niceans smoothly asserted water. Had he turned vegetarian? (Mithraic baptism was in bull's blood. The initiate stood beneath a shed and the bull was sacrificed above, its blood flooding the shed below. Some of it survived as the corrida de toros, though that art is based more on Creetan legend.) The Romans love making things more mysterious, you know.

Thank you, that tells a lot!

Hey, the woman posing in that picture looks pretty good to me.

It's an actress with the Winnepeg Theater. They plan on doing Terry McNally's "Corpus Christi" next. McNally took the name of his home town and turned Jesus and the disciples into a friendship of gay men. McNally was castigated by the usual suspects and went on writing celebrated Broadway and Off-Broadway fare. He has a new show opening soon. My only claim to fame is playing Joseph in an Episcopal Christmas pageant. But then, as an adult, I did play an inebriated Prospero.

If you were going to have your brains beaten out with the big pieces of gravel from a camel caravan driveway, which version would you with?

I'm sure it's meant ironically, but the title "Lies of a Promiscuous Woman" is too much like serious sex-shaming.


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