Wish I could find more good podcasts! And audio ereader materials

My eyes are not as good as they used to be.  And reading is a constant requirement in the workplace.


I used to read a hardcover book every week.  Now I rarely want to.  Sometimes.  When I do, it's often an audiobook.


I don't watch TV - not interesting for me.


I do like podcasts, when I can find a good one.  My tired and slightly blurry eyes get a rest.  The choices seem endless.  They don't have to be freethought.  I don't like a lot of the freethought podcasts - too snarky, immature, arrogant, attitude-ridden, and often thoughtless.  I wish there were some I liked.


I like the American Freethought podcast a lot.


Also Freethought radio from FFRF, although I'm not crazy about hearing Dan Barker singing.  The rest is usually good.  No more Yip Harburg please - the first few times were good, but let's move on.


There have been some history podcasts I like - especially 12 Byzantine Emperors and have just downloaded / subscribed to the China History Podcast.


I listen while driving - about an hour round trip daily, so 5 hours weekly.  Plus, in the evening for an hour.  There aren't enough for me.  And some variety is good.


Any others here listen to podcasts?  What works for you?


I like social history, especially civil rights related, life science, horticulture - although most of the gardening podcasts have been useless to me.  I used to like the Point of Inquiry when DJ Grofe hosted, but lost interest after he left.  Maybe I should try again.


Not podcast, but I've also discovered I can use text-to-speech on my old kindle DX (for amazon-purchased books and on my i-phone, for public domain books.  I've started listening to Heart of Darkness and downloaded another Joseph Conrad book, and some speeches of Ingersoll.  They can be played with male or female voices, and with British or American accents.  Also, with Spanish accent - sometimes charming to hear English read phonetically by a Spanish automated reading program, but harder to understand.  That is via naturalreader.com on my iphone and ipad, the free version.  If they had a southern accented version, I would like to read T.R. Pearson's "A Short History of a Small Place' but it's too incongruous with a synthesized voice.

Like audiobooks and podcasts, I can plug the ereader into the car audio player, and listen while driving.  Much better than the senseless stuff on the radio.





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I've been doing The Thinking Atheist podcasts lately and enjoying them a lot.  Seth Andrews is very engaging and listenable, and I think he is worth your time.  You can also find his pieces and other work of his on YouTube.

If it's PODCASTS you want it's PODCASTS you will get from Smart Dog Videos London (UK).

I'm a big podcast fan.  I agree with Loren, The Thinking Atheist is very enjoyable.  It's a favorite of mine.  I also listen to the FFRF podcast as well.

Two others that rank high on my list that I eagerly look forward to:

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

Thanks for the recommendations.  I will look into them

I listen to podcasts when walking the dog every morning. I recently discovered a huge collection of podcasts from the How Stuff Works website. There are general technology podcasts, history, philosophy amongst others.

They are aimed at a generalist level, so if your already familiar with the topics it may be repetitive, but I still thoroughly enjoy them.





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