i saw on my own two eyes there are some look likes beetles and hair come out on my mother's legs. she already took meds but she still have it. she has this kind of problem for 2 months. i dont believe in black magic. im atheist. guys, what is your opinion about what happen to my mother? 

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I forget the name for it, but saw a program about this recently. There are round sores beetle size and what appears to be hair growing. The hair has been removed with tweezers and collected for samples, analyzed, and it is some sort of fiber. The problem is that it's not any fiber we know of, and it's now thought that this "fiber" is produced by the sores themselves on the human body. It's fairly new and a very strange condition, but certainly not witchcraft.

Google this looking for "sores that produce fiber or hair" etc. and you will learn much more about it than I know. This might put you forward into a good program of treatment as well. Ignore people who tell you it is witchcraft, and if you must treat it yourself, use malt vinegar. Soak clean rags in the vinegar and apply them to the sores.

Then it is some sort of infestation or infection. Google this anyway, but seek competent medical help.

Take her to be seen by a physician.


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