Without religion there would be chaos and mayhem I am told....

Had a typical taboo work moment recently discussing with the glazed over jesus lovers the theory of a god. (They detest when I emphasis the word theory). I realize the futility of the exercise but I am absolutely fascinated how easily so many walk with the herd and I wish I could understand the fear of trying to open their mind. One christian made the matter of fact comment that "everyone knows" without god our society would never have gotten this far and if it had chaos and mayhem would ensue and morality would not exist. I starting thinking what would our culture would be if christianity had not taken such a deeply entrenched role in our society. Really hard to imagine. I know we are products of natural selection and the strongest and smartest (and meanest) survive and procreate.Religion and god are the simple products of  the quest for control  and power and our modern culture is the result of a lot of complex twist and turns.  John Lennon's " imagine" comes to mind but I seriously find it hard to imagine how things could have been. Maybe my co-worker was right since the average human IQ doesn't allow for rational logical thinking. They need to be led. I suppose if humans as a whole were smart enough to acknowledge the extrordinary beauty of our world without a creator war,hatred,oppression and unfathomable atrocities against each other would not have happened. I know I am right, we would be far more advanced if we would not have spent so much time on affirming an imaginary leader. Living here in Florida I am forced to have on average 20 instances a day of god in my face. Church signs, crosses swinging on necks, fish emblems, god written on my money and the best of all the news reports of  the nightmare of islam versus christian. ( THEIR war is going to kill us all and here we just sit idly by. It does piss me off that many Athiest are so complacent and many times hide it ............Sick of it and daydream a lot here lately of the world free of it all and try desperately  to imagine what we could have been. Oh by the way, I won the arguement at work. I pissed them off because I challenged them to open their minds and I know it made a few think. Only fair since I have to live in their world. 


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Morality can be seen as being more or less consistent over different populations of people. There have been studies that have even shown that atheists make very similar moral judgments as christians do "gasp". Anyone stating that we should derive our morality from holy texts is either severely misinformed, hasn't read them, or has ulterior motives.

Yeah, without religion we'd have people flying planes into buildings and blowing themselves and anyone near them to pieces. Why they'd start molesting children and taking child brides. Mutilations and strange rituals would happen. War's would start and genocide would ensue. Prejudice and xenophobia would take root and we'd be at each others throats. Yes, without religion look at the mess things would become. ;)




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