Woman pulls head of the vatican, aka, pope, to the ground, during mass; full on!

now that's what a call a 'holy shit' moment:


I think she pulls him while the security is pulling her?
First the Italian PM now this!
Guess the time is nigh for reform around the globe.

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I know it's a little wicked of me to say it, but I also know I'm hardly the only one thinking it: It's a shame she didn't tackle him harder.
The dialogue.

(Papal Aide [PA] 1) The woman is possessed! We must exorcise her! Hurry, to the torture chamber!

(PA 2) But, she is a Catholic like us. And she has a rosary in her purse!

(PA1) Outrageous! Search her again. There must be a Dawkins or Hitchens connection somewhere!

(PA2) Or, a Bin Laden perhaps?

(PA1) No. She would have worn a belt bomb and we would be having this conversation with God in paradise.

(PA2) Damn stupid christian woman! :)




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