Womb!? as a weapon for evangeli. UK and Israel gets ready for Orthodox vs. military draft:

Cat McShane's documentary, The Womb as a Weapon, will be broadcast on the BBC World Service on 18 May at 19:32 GMT.

Pictured are Vyckie Garrison and family, before they left Quiverfull.

nutters x 10000000000000000 oh man... psych wards gonna be full in another generation. hello:


if that aint' westboro racist lookn' i don't know what is...



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...mention of 'secular' in israel.. the UK story is just too Jonestownish and crazy for me to continue reading past "womb as a weapon"

wow.nuts; that's the only explanation. cult'urally nuts.

both stories echo w/unethical, immoral and just plain unwise in 2013 hello..

i bet a usual convo w/either group towards the dreaded secularists (actual humans) is...
"hey you're not dressed right yer going to hell!"

yep that's me! "





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