I dated this guy for about three times, and I liked him and was comfortable enough to say some jokes, most of it he laughed at. After awhile, he said to me "Wow, usually all women aren't funny, at all". I let it go because I didn't want to mess up the date. But it did bug me a bit.

So I was playing video games with one of my male friends and told him about it, and he pretty much agreed, well not wholeheartily, but I was surprise to see him agree to even a certain extent. I even gave him a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and he felt kinda impartial.

Do guys generally think this way? What kinda chauvinistic way of thinking is that? I think that kinda offends me, especially when I think I'm a bit witty and quick myself.

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I couldn't finish the video, I kept falling alseep!
I stumbled upon that Hitchens video on youtube and posted the following (which has long-since scrolled off the screen below):

I conclude that Mr. Hitchens has unconsciously selected for women with no GAG reflex... and has unintentionally confused this trait with a lack of wit. Although perhaps these two traits evolved synergistically.
Honestly, I think that the men that think this see women as some weird "other" thing that they can't relate to. Or maybe they just honestly can't.
Isn't there something for you to be cooking right now?

Now that was funny. But seriously I am almost a feminist but I try to keep humor and free thought unbounded. I try to laugh first, think second, and anger last.

I think women can do every thing men can do and are just as smart and funny and everything. In fact I know several uber-smart chickies, my wife included, that I think far exceed even myself and most of the other dudes I know in intelligence. I do however think that a majority of dudes are rather chauvinistic and do think this way. Some guys are just fucking morons and many just don't think. I was like that for a while. My dad is an awesome guy but he is also a bit misoginistic. He never did anything to treat Mom and my sis different but every other woman on the planet was fair game, and it took me a little while to grow out of Dad's ignorance, so I know what you are saying. A lot of the time to guys, hearing a womans voice outside of taking your order in a restaurant or during sex is just considered bitching. Unfortunately there are men like this out there. I think if you hang around decent guys, most of which are a little bit more cultured/educated, that you will see that that opinion of women kinda falls away.

All three of the women you mentioned are funnier than hell by the way. And my opener above is truly intended to be a joke; you say you are witty, I just hope you see what I was doing there.
i doubt your friend and date were thinking of famous female comedians when they agreed or said that. i am a woman and i agree with them, the average american female lacks a sense of humor and i'm constantly watching my words when around them. in general a female comic just doesn't make me laugh. lisa lampenelli is the only one i can think of who has made me laugh since roseanne.
to be fair what other people find to be amusing and hilarious i find to be patronizing if not boring. everything is so adolescent and low brow i no longer take an interest in comedy. i don't get how everyone else can complain about stupidity and embrace that sort of humor we all know is dumbing everyone down.
Thanks for your honesty.

Although Lisa Lampenelli is definately low brow comedy.
I recall something about John Belushi refused to do acts from scripts at Saturday Night Live, written by women because he thought it was never going to be very funny. So to get around that, they make sure that the script didn't have the full name of writers.
I remember hearing that also. Sad to see that things haven't changed that much in 30 years, if some of the comments in this forum topic are to be taken seriously.
I work in a job where I have to spend about 15-20 minutes with about 15-20 strangers a day. In my experience most people aren't very funny. Not at first at least. Humor is subjective. I've noticed that it takes time to develop enough of a relationship with people to get the joking stage.

Out of curiosity, to those of you that don't know very many funny women, do you have very many close female friends?
Sure I do. Although my male ones tend to be more gregarious than my female ones. It could be that being funny is considered "unladylike" to some.
"It could be that being funny is considered "unladylike" to some."

BINGO. Which is exactly why Christopher Hitchens referred to most funny women as "dykes".

Humor is a powerful equalizer... second only to the "equalizer" invented by John Browning (and that's only because being shot down with real lead is so darned final).

Hitchens doesn't find most funny women attractive. Surprise, surprise. He dreads the idea that a woman might actually make him the butt of HER jokes. Listen to what he says. If a woman opens her mouth to laugh, all he can think about is how much he wants to stick his dick in it. He wants a woman to "surrender"... not approach intellectual equality.
What Heidi wrote.



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