I dated this guy for about three times, and I liked him and was comfortable enough to say some jokes, most of it he laughed at. After awhile, he said to me "Wow, usually all women aren't funny, at all". I let it go because I didn't want to mess up the date. But it did bug me a bit.

So I was playing video games with one of my male friends and told him about it, and he pretty much agreed, well not wholeheartily, but I was surprise to see him agree to even a certain extent. I even gave him a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and he felt kinda impartial.

Do guys generally think this way? What kinda chauvinistic way of thinking is that? I think that kinda offends me, especially when I think I'm a bit witty and quick myself.

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Have you heard about the new whole grain, Zero trans fat communion wafer?

It's called: "I can't believe it's not Jesus"...
Ha! I'm going to remember that one.
One of these days, I'll make a list of people I find humorous. I suspect there are more women than men, but I still find quite a few men humorous.
Recently my neighbor forgot his wife's birthday. She said "there better be something in the driveway tomorrow that goes from zero to 200 in 6 seconds flat or else!." The next day there was a package in the driveway. She carefully opened it, imagining the keys to her new Porche, but found a new bathroom scale.
Services for him are next Sunday.
Hmmm. A theory: Perhaps men tend to use humor as one of their main tactics for appealing to women, while women tend to use other tactics. Maybe?
I generally use humor to appeal to me. If anyone in the vicinity laughs, bonus!
"I generally use humor to appeal to me. If anyone in the vicinity laughs, bonus!"

Ditto! I'm my own spontaneous endorphin generator.
Yeah usually I am funnier when I'm not trying to be funny.
I will make a joke about anything just to make ppl laugh. Sometimes I have to follow up with, "I wasn't trying to make you feel bad, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to crack that joke".
I'll occassionally get a response like it was meant as a "burn", but that's never the case. Once ppl around me get that, they start doing it to and then we're just laughin and crackin jokes left and right. It makes the work day so much more fun.
I've found Hitchens to be interesting on some issues, but on this one, I found it to be an



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