I dated this guy for about three times, and I liked him and was comfortable enough to say some jokes, most of it he laughed at. After awhile, he said to me "Wow, usually all women aren't funny, at all". I let it go because I didn't want to mess up the date. But it did bug me a bit.

So I was playing video games with one of my male friends and told him about it, and he pretty much agreed, well not wholeheartily, but I was surprise to see him agree to even a certain extent. I even gave him a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and he felt kinda impartial.

Do guys generally think this way? What kinda chauvinistic way of thinking is that? I think that kinda offends me, especially when I think I'm a bit witty and quick myself.

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I didn't mean to come off as not liking Garafalo- she was The Bowler for crying out loud! I was just saying (what you're saying I think) that she herself is not hilarious.
Your experience is disturbing as are most replies posted. The guy you dated might be extremely forbidding if all the women he knows are too scared to share jokes with him. All women I know possess a sense of humor and many are quite funny, each to their own unique level, the same way men are.
First, it isn't his theory. For the most part he's echoing Donald Symons. Second, contrary to the dogma you've been fed, beauty is not a social construct. The concept of beauty would still exist without society and the fundamental standards would be the same because it is our human heritage. Only the superficial aspects of beauty are determined by culture, layered on top of universally desired attributes.
I didn't mean to sound angry, I guess I'm too argumentative sometimes.
The concept of beauty would still exist without society and the fundamental standards would be the same because it is our human heritage.

This sounds like a topic for another discussion.
Yeah, and I don't want to have a protracted debate over that, so I'll drop it. :-)
I love it when some het men say things like men don't have good looks. They should really speak to their own insecurity.
LOL i thought it rather funny that anyone would ever say that Hitchens backpedaled. He wouldn't be much of an atheist hero if he apologized to all the theists he bitched out.
the question is: do the "not funny" shows make the stereotypes or do the stereotypes make the shows? Nobody would ever watch them if they didn't apply that to their experiences and laugh at the similarities. If you don't think to yourself "that's so true!" then no, they're not funny.

Like he said! Loosen up a bit! Stereotypes can be funny sometimes! We all do it. I have even seen you do it before. You even make a stereotype if you say that all stereotypes are harmful to society even in the form of a joke.
it's not my problem that you don't think things are funny.

It's also not my problem that you picked out what in your mind were blatant examples of stereotypes that would... whatever your purpose was for them.

Did I ever say that stereotyping is NEVER bad? Whether those are bad examples are not, why don't you find every example of stereotyping and explain why each and every one is horrible...

Your straw man is just so pointless... you're arguing with yourself. I didn't claim any of the "kick progress" or "embrace the way things were" or any of that. Why am I even responding to this?

Knock yourself out! Argue with the theoretical person who supports all of those nasty things and show him who's boss. Why are you putting that comment in response to mine though?
I suppose that we should put women being hit on tv too.

Women can do anything just as funny as men can! People should laugh if a woman is kicked in the groin too!

There is an important part that culture plays on humor. You can't just get over it.
Lots of men get offended at fathers being shown as morons. I got tired of seeing guys like Drew Carey in TV-relationships with supermodels.


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