I dated this guy for about three times, and I liked him and was comfortable enough to say some jokes, most of it he laughed at. After awhile, he said to me "Wow, usually all women aren't funny, at all". I let it go because I didn't want to mess up the date. But it did bug me a bit.

So I was playing video games with one of my male friends and told him about it, and he pretty much agreed, well not wholeheartily, but I was surprise to see him agree to even a certain extent. I even gave him a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and he felt kinda impartial.

Do guys generally think this way? What kinda chauvinistic way of thinking is that? I think that kinda offends me, especially when I think I'm a bit witty and quick myself.

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The thread that won't die!
It will if we stop feeding it.

Oh, shit.
Mea culpa, Jennifer. Mea culpa.
The sad part is I've been over this since page 1.
For the record...Sarah Silverman is not that funny.
Excellent exercise in pumping irony!
There's the biological need to reproduce, but bonding with others of the species is also a biological need. Humor is a way of bonding with others. Both men and women use humor as a way of bonding with the same sex. I've also heard that men's humor is more about ridicule and women's is more about plays on words.
...a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett...

This really isn't a response to your question, but Carol Burnett was a hoot:

But my favorite is Lucille Ball:

Women can be hilarious.
Ok, I agree with Christopher Hitchens on this, and I think many of you read into it more then it needs to be. On average men are funnier then women, just like men on average run faster. Not to say you won't find millions of funny women (or fast women), but you'll find a percentage more of funny men. And I agree the humor is different, and the detection of humor also different, so that will almost automatically create an unequal amount of funny women to funny men. Why does that ratio have to be equal? No (reasonable) person would ever claim that women on average make better athletes then men, but there's always exceptions to the rule, and it's never truly black and white.
I agree with Christopher Hitchens on this

Listen up women... two Humour Experts have spoken! This is Expert Opinion here. Get back to the fart and dick jokebooks, and don't show your faces until you can truly tell a funny joke!

I think many of you read into it more then it needs to be.

Yeah... you girls are just being too hysterical.

you'll find a percentage more of funny men.

This is Science Fact, as spoken by a Humour Expert!

Why does that ratio have to be equal?

Beancounters, all of ya!
Settle, didn't know I was supposed to list sources or polls to justify my subjective thoughts and opinions ;)

And I never claimed to be an expert, but to back up my opinion I did some internet searching. I searched for 'top 10 things men like in a woman', looking for evidence that humor matters less to a guy then it does to a girl....and this came up as search result number 4.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are not necessarily the thoughts and opinions of this poster, and are exclusively produced for entertainment value.
Wow - THAT wasn't hostile.


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