I dated this guy for about three times, and I liked him and was comfortable enough to say some jokes, most of it he laughed at. After awhile, he said to me "Wow, usually all women aren't funny, at all". I let it go because I didn't want to mess up the date. But it did bug me a bit.

So I was playing video games with one of my male friends and told him about it, and he pretty much agreed, well not wholeheartily, but I was surprise to see him agree to even a certain extent. I even gave him a list of females who I thought were funny; Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and he felt kinda impartial.

Do guys generally think this way? What kinda chauvinistic way of thinking is that? I think that kinda offends me, especially when I think I'm a bit witty and quick myself.

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"If you're anti-feminist, you don't think women should have the same rights as men, which probably means that you don't think too highly of them."

Case in point - Rush Limbaugh calling feminists "femi-NAZIs".
My friend Terr calls her self a femi-nazi. :D :D :D And isn't that a band?
It's at least stereotyping, ne? The statement about CEO's is either a fact or a presumption, whereas comedy is subjective.

I personally would also consider it to some extent sexism, as obviously this boy thinks of humor as a positive trait that "usually all women" lack. And while it's merely an opinion, however stated, I'd respect that by throwing my drink in his face and ignoring his future phone calls by wrinkling my panties over my ears. Or maybe something slightly more sensible, like not taking it too seriously, then discussing what he actually meant and how it made me feel. Womanhood is full of choices like these!
If it crawls on 4 legs, barks, growls, eats Kibbles N' Bits, and has a wagging tail, then it is probably not a seahorse.

yes, when I read "chauvinistic" I also said to myself "what?!"

I will not talk jokingly (although, I should). I would recommend to Jennifer to meditate a little bit over her reaction and her feelings about "men don't consider women funny" and draw a parallel with men's reaction when women say... (they say so many things actually)... let's say, men are not so sensitive like women, men are dirtier than women, etc etc.

no, no, actually she should see men's reaction when she says "men are not so funny like women". At least my reaction would be like: "do you think I am among them or am I an exception?". I would definitely not care or suffer that ALL the other men are not funny.
@Sean: It's a question of context. If the implication of "the majority of American CEO's are caucasian" is that one must be caucasian to be a CEO, then it is racist, otherwise it's just an observation. What would be a reasonable context for "observing" that the majority of women are not funny? How can it not be sexist? You mentioned one possible case: "I don't find the vast majority of women I meet to be funny." All I can say is, what percentage is that out of ~3.4 billion females, and is it a random sample? How can you conclude that women are not funny based on the few you have met?

But, I actually agree. Most of the women I meet are not funny. Most of the men I meet are not funny. All of the transgender people I have met are not funny. Most pedestrians I have met on the street are not funny. The people I have met who did not speak english are not funny, unless they were doing absurdist performance art, and even then....

All of my female friends are funny.
It's an aberration easily cleared from one's mind.

Women=complaining sex objects.

Some people don't want to get rid of bullshit in their heads, because it's comfortable there.

So, damnit, nothing will make them laugh at Kristen Wiig! NOTHING!
On a side note nothing will ever make me laugh at the most overrated comedian in history, Dane Cook. I watched thirty minutes of him and it was just plain obnoxiouse. Demetri Martins, his earlier work is a fine example of great comedy.
For sure! Dane Cook is almost never, ever funny. Gimme George Carlin any day.
I think some guys don't think women are funny b/c they think they will just talk about girly things, so they turn off their listening prematurely.

Things like the internet equalize people b/c it's about what you type, not your appearance or voice. A good way to judge whether women are intrinsically unfunny? Post funny things without revealing your gender...
The funniest women have dicks. Female Trouble.

Ooh, did you get photos of Divine's grave?


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