I wonder how much better he would have done had he not used the woo? And why isn't the "Dr" who treated him sued all the way back to last Tuesday?


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The article states that Steve Jobs lived with and battled pancreatic cancer for "7 or 8 years".  I wonder what kind of "woo" he was utilizing.  That kind of longevity with that kind of diagnosis is usually unheard of.  I'm not generally one to advocate "the woo", but he was an incredibly intelligent guy.  I suppose he made the best choices for himself that he could have. 

He had a vision and others gave us substance. Thanks to all
I re-read the article--seems like there is more supporting info posted now than before ("UPDATE", end of par. 2)? When I first read the blog, it came across as opinion or more like "hearsay" to me.  Still I would say he was a big boy and carefully weighed his options.  Why must we jump on the lawsuit train?


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