It's not about the babies! (We have been saying this for years.)

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Brilliant ... bloody, on-target-center-bull BRILLIANT.
If people were allowed to abort fetuses there wouldn't be as many children to secretly molest.

And we wouldn't want that right?
I couldn't disagree more. Its about personal responsibility. If you don't want to get pregnant there's birth control available if you want to find it. Failing that, a woman can AT LEAST insist her partner use a condom. As for the notion that anti-abortionists "don't care" about live children, opinions are like ass holes, just about everybody has one, and that opinion came from an ass hole. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that THIS ant-abortionist gives considerably more to charity than his co-workers, most of whom are pro-union leftists.
Birth control and condom methods do fail.

And the majority of those who would tell my fellow women not to abort, but to give the unwanted child up instead, are not the ones who would willingly adopt this child. "Someone else will." They pass judgment but do not help in any other way.
So if I don't believe in God, who owns my uterus for me? Just the masses? Do I need democratic approval to have it removed when I'm older? >.> And shouldn't I then also need democratic approval to use it to harbor a child, as well?

My immediate family is pro-choice. My extended family on my father's side makes me want to ram my head into a brick wall.
Every argument for abortion makes sense except for the fact that there is a life who is deprived of their one shot to live. Knowing that there is no afterlife only makes me hate abortion even more. I could never personally have one and I couldn't be the one to perform one. I don't presume to tell others what to do with their bodies, but I think its a sad sad thing. I think it really is about the babies.
I do not mean this in a flip way, but every baby brought to term also "deprives" -- or prevents the possibility of -- other babies being born in the subsequent months. I have trouble thinking of an embryo as a "baby". To me that makes as much sense as thinking of a boy as a man. Development begins with a fertilized egg, and the resulting zygote is not the same as the embyro, the baby, the toddler, the young adult, adult, old adult.

All this said, I certainly wouldn't argue that abortion is a good thing per se. But in some circumstances, it may be the best thing for a woman to choose. She may not want to know the child of her rapist, or to try to raise a child before she has finished school because she is sure she can do a better job of it later in life.

In the same tangent, every baby born to a woman deprives a child in foster care or an orphanage of a potential adopting family. >.>
dead on.
As I say, there are nuumerous reasons that make sense. Personally, I just can''t help cringing every time i think about it. Its just a personal thing. I'm not to the point where I'd dictate what's right for another human being, I just couldnn't ever justify it for myself.
Hear hear. The anti-abortion nonsense should have been put to rest ages ago. Someone's body is a key part of their personal sovereignty. Simply going "you should have done something about it" is a shortsighted approach.

I remeber a case about a doc being prosecuted for performing an abortion on a 9-year old rape-victim.

Pro-life that!




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