My email is via Yahoo.  I don't want to go to the effort to change the email address.

Unfortunately, the Yahoo news page pops up when I check my email.

So many news headlines have "gotcha!" catchwords that they have no meaning or value at all.

Here are some words I never want to read again, anywhere, any time.





I also hate the "Ten most" lists that require the reader to page through multiple page reloads - purpose of which must be to increase page hits, or maximize advertising.

Add to that people who's sexual adventures and shallow relationships and clothes are supposed to matter, because those people are more interesting or something?

A new resolution:  Any article containing the words "amazing", "massive", "shocking", or "huge" in the headline will be ignored. 

Add to that, any article containing names of "royals", or "celebrities" in the headline or illustrations, will be ignored.

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I have my home page in Firefox set to about:robots - a cute Easter egg page, as is the Book of Mozilla - about:Mozilla

In IE, about:robots is a null set, and about:Mozilla gives you an approximation of the DOS "Blue Screen of Death"

Klaatu barada nikto


I think I have a revived catch phrase.

Agreed Pat

20091115 - GEDC0872 - our TV on TV (Funny People)Yeah, I call much of that "celebrity non-news", stuff that nobody would care about if it happened to a regular person. There's a difference between, say, a world leader's serious illness -- which can affect us -- and a DUI arrest that ought to be unremarkable, except that it happened to Somebody Famous.

(Then again, it wouldn't be so bad if drunk driving were rare and shocking enough to always be news....)

Oh I so agree Sentient - true shallow journalism for the masses.

I don't want to read in the paper "Guns don't kill people" again.

Yes they do (or more accurately, bullets do, unless you use the gun as a club).

I would like to ask, someone, if guns don't kill people, then....  why own one?  It's  not like someone is going to say, "give me your money or I'll shoot a deer!"  or "I'm doing to terrorize people by going quail hunting!"

Stick your antlers up or Thumper gets it.

It is true.  People do kill people and people can kill a whole lot of people in a very short period of time (ten minutes to kill 26 in Newtown) with military style weapons and huge magazines.


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