My email is via Yahoo.  I don't want to go to the effort to change the email address.

Unfortunately, the Yahoo news page pops up when I check my email.

So many news headlines have "gotcha!" catchwords that they have no meaning or value at all.

Here are some words I never want to read again, anywhere, any time.





I also hate the "Ten most" lists that require the reader to page through multiple page reloads - purpose of which must be to increase page hits, or maximize advertising.

Add to that people who's sexual adventures and shallow relationships and clothes are supposed to matter, because those people are more interesting or something?

A new resolution:  Any article containing the words "amazing", "massive", "shocking", or "huge" in the headline will be ignored. 

Add to that, any article containing names of "royals", or "celebrities" in the headline or illustrations, will be ignored.

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Them: Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

me: That's right, people with guns kill people.

I watch CBS Sunday Morning every week.  Near the end, they highlight a major event for each day of the coming week.  Last Sunday either four or five of the six were sports or (other) entertainment.  Granted, real news is less predictable, but still they treat them as news items.  This shouldn't annoy me.

I hated Yahoo! email.  I have one, but I only use it when registering on sites I'm pretty sure will send me spam.


Not a bad policy.  They are really the grocery-aisle tabloid of news.  

A good weapon against spam, for when you have to get a confirmation link or some other email from some website: -- instant disposable temporary public mailboxes.

Just make up, say,, then you (or anyone!) can check that inbox at or directly at Messages are automatically deleted after a few hours.

They have a few alternate domains, to get past sites that reject "".

If you don't need to get email from a site, but they still bug you to register so you can read their articles: lets people share "public" usernames/passwords they've created.

I could write a book on this topic, but won't. I'm with you.




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