World of Batsh!t - #2: Moon Loons (CoolHardLogic - YouTube)

The moon's a balloon, so says the song.  Problem is, there's a guy out there, perhaps more than one, who want to claim that the moon is actually a PROJECTION (up around 55,000 ft, so he claims!), and that someone has made off with the real thing!

Once again, the batshit are upon us, and CoolHardLogic presses himself into service to debunk this bunch of bat-dump-pie.

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Yes and when we see no moon (new moon) the projector is down for maintenance.

Batshit doesn't even come close. They guy that believes this (Cletus from Kooksville) must get his 'facts' from the radio waves beamed in through his teeth fillings while wearing a metal spaghetti strainer on his head as the antennae. 

Speaking of radio waves, I wonder how he'd feel if we bounced a radar signal off the moon, as they did 60 years ago, and got a roughly 2.5-second delay?  What you got to say about that one, Cletus?

Radar signal?! It be a gubmint corn-spiracy! Why, them thar' pointed headed int-I-lectials in Washington don'ts know what we common folk do. Just ask our leaders - Billy Graham, Ted Cruz, and that hot bitch, Palin. 

Okay ... build the device yourself.  The most exotic device you'll need is a klystron.  Test it locally - aim it at a building a mile away and note that the return time is something just north of 5 microseconds.  Do all the local testing you need to be certain of functionality, then turn it on that supposed holographic projection, then wonder when the return signal doesn't arrive in 48 milliseconds as it should have if the target were 55,000 feet away, but more like the two-and-a-half seconds, representing a one-way distance of 238,000 miles, which it has been for the past several million years.

Some times you have to rub their noses in it, Pat.  Granted even that may not work, but all that does is confirm the depth of their delusion ... though there is one last option: point the radar emitter at them and ask them: if this is just a fake job and a conspiracy, then it shouldn't hurt if I set the klystron for steady-state and turn it on, right?

Even dolts like this MIGHT just know how a microwave oven works!

Loren, you and Pat seem to have a handle on this and I agree with both of you. What I'm wondering is how people get this stupid? Does the guy even take himself seriously?

Here's another one. I was in town today and learned of an old guy who firmly believes in an Armegeddon type situation that is coming. He is said to be burying canned goods in the ground like a squirrel buries nuts.

Just the old guy's luck that the collapse of civilization will occur one week after the expiration dates on the cans.




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