World of Batsh!t - #3: Chemtrailer Trash (CoolHardLogic - YouTube)

He's BACK!  After a somewhat sustained hiatus, CoolHardLogic has returned, and this time his Fleidermaus Scheiße takes the form of - Da, Da, DAAAAAAAAH!  Chemtrails!  "What are chemtrails?" you ask.  Well ... they're nothing more than contrails - condensation trails from the exhausts of high-flying aircraft, but you can't tell the conspiritards that!

In any case, need a good laugh?  Here ya go!

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"I want someone who will confirm my delusions!" 

How to be a Chemtard: 

Step 1.  State premise.

Step 2.  Therefore, chemtrails.  

Vinegar is an excellent weed killer, and kills any growing plant upon which it is sprayed if the vinegar dilution is small enough. 

Joan - I want to try this. Do you know how much vinegar v. water works best?

I just pour vinegar from the cheapest vinegar I can find into a spray bottle and go on the hunt for weeds or places I don't want plants to grow. It may take several treatments, however it does not have potential side effects of Roundup, which I used for years. The research now is revealing some pretty awful things about Roundup, so I have stopped using it. 

My neighbor has a huge hop vine that she can't kill out. She is trying vinegar on it now and we await the outcome. 

If you find any research that refutes this one I cited, please let me know. 

Thanks Joan. I'll give it a try.

Chemtard retards. I can see why these people are not rocket scientists. This one spraying the vinegar thinking she affects something at 30,000 feet is a classic.

Michael, that episode really set me back on my back side. How can anyone be so uninformed? She needs to understand vapor trails and look critically at the claims of government mischief. Yes, government is a pimple on the ass of progress sometimes. Yet, I have to acknowledge that good things happen because of government. We just have to be vigilant and pro-active in terms of politics. 

Joan, I suspect she'd be more interested in pursuing her delusion than taking the time to LEARN the dynamics of engine exhaust condensation.

As a slight aside, I should mention that your friend and mine, Steve Shives, has held forth on the issue of chemtrails as well.  Have a look if you care to.

Shives has a way of debunking bunk. By the way, all that vinegar sprayed over her back yard could cause plant damage. Her lawn may just be dormant, but it surely didn't look healthy to me. 

Well, it provided a good Sunday morning laugh. Thanks. 

More bug nutty batshit crazy people!  

Spud, I like your style. Let me see if I can do it. 

More bug nutty batshit crazy people! Ya! I think I can do that. We will see. 

I think the chemtrails are distributing the god virus.  Given the last election result, they may have been distributing LSD.

We should be so lucky. If they were distributing LSD, maybe god would start telling the truth when he talks to them.


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