World of Batsh!t - #1: Sky Demons (CoolHardLogic - YouTube)

We've all seen it - claims either so outrageous or so ignorant that they test the bounds of credibility, and they're usually, though not always associated with religion.  Well, it would seem that CoolHardLogic has found himself a LIVE one.  I watched the following and couldn't decide whether to facepalm, head-desk, or at least make an attempt to recover my jaw from the carpet.

Be prepared to be amazed ... or at least to reach for the Pepto.  I give you - SKY DEMONS!

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What's sad and frightening are the batshit crazy assholes that believe him.

No kidding.  This goes past the whole "what you smoking-drinking-snorting" business and into a whole 'nother realm.

Just when I think the world cannot get any dumber

I'm not sure who this person is.I've never heard of him before. I'm equally not sure that he should be walking around free among us. Perhaps he should be on a ward somewhere taking daily medicine. If he believes what he is saying, he is potentially dangerous.

The comments on the YouTube video were half-laughing at him, thinking he was a Poe, and the other half asserting that he was delusional and needed to be committed.

I haven't chosen a side yet, but either way, this dude is SCARY.


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