"An overwhelming 69% of Irish people declared themselves to be "a religious person" in the last survey conducted in 2005, but this has now plummeted to 47%."

that's a huge drop in just 7 years.  i wonder what the numbers will look like in 2020? 

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I would love to know how much the recent priest child abuse scandal in Ireland contributed to those numbers ... and I'm willing to bet said contribution is NOT trivial!

it's mentioned in the article as a big factor. 

There was a need for strong ongoing education in the faith, he said, with a growing need for adult religious education to stop people drifting from the faith as they got older.
-- From the article

Hmmm ... "strong, ongoing education," eh? Indoctrination ain't holdin' so good, is it?

you could blame the RCC scandal, but the internets are likely having a much bigger impact than anything, particularly in the fight against indoctrination. 

Religious education... that has to be the oxymoronic statement of the year...


It's safe to say that I loved this article! To see a Catholic majority thinking/trending this way! Thanks for sharing Matthew!

you're very welcome.  i loved it too.  with each passing year it seems that more and more humans are waking up, Matrix style, from a long nightmare. 

It should have been a clue to me that they were way ahead of the secular curve compared to the U.S.,  when two of my close friends went back there from France on Leap Day this year to be joined in a civil ceremony with family and friends attending. Liam was raised in a staunch Irish Catholic family from Dublin and Davd was raised in a mixed religion family and retired from Government service there. They were actually able to be joined in civil union on their home soil this year and have that union recognized by the entire country, which is a lot more than we can say here in the U.S., some civil rights beacon we are eh? 'Land of the Free'... But for this staunch Irish Catholic country to show this level of progression in such a few short years, I find myself hopeful for the rest of the world!

Good news!  The young species Homo sapiens sapiens is taking baby steps on its journey toward maturity.  It began crawling, a mere 10,000 years or so ago, away from its parental tribalism toward the new thing that it would create in the world – conscious civilization.  Now comes the tottering upright stance; unsure steps that hope to become confident strides that will eventually lead it beyond the reach of parent.

Religiosity was our playpen – a safe, comforting constraint when we were too young to engage our world directly.  It was an appropriate place in which to crawl and glimpse through bars the wonderful vastness of a world we could expect to inhabit once we’d learned to approach it safely.  Our first steps beyond the playpen are fraught with hazard, and so we bring with us constraining memory of the pen while following the idea of play.  The pen is not the realm of just our individual early lives, but a great collective space in which all of us learned to fear and aspire.  At times it seems more relevant than the world beyond, or at least more predictable.  And so some stay behind in the playpen, imagining that the comfort of their play, however constrained, is better than the frightening unknown faced by those who betray crawling to walk – betray well-worn tribalism for speculative experiment in civilization.

Those who have dared to walk have also learned to fly to the moon and beyond.  Those who hold to the comfort and security of the playpen shout to their long-gone pen mates to return or die in their eyes.  They imagine scenarios in which to leave are to encounter dastardly magic snakes and other dragons.  Those who have left, who have learned to walk, run and fly, hope that their old pen mates eventually take that first step themselves.


Ted it makes me feel better just reading your perspective and I think you're right onto something of a trend yourself! I tend toward the negative a little too often and miss the big picture sometimes. I can be forgiven my dark nature today I think, because I broke the lawn mower again today and this time I think I finally did her in I split the mowing deck wide open... , so I'm a little sadfaced over her loss, today she goes to the junk heap.... :\


The last few days have been very hope reaffirming with this news and then also seeing that piece out of Tennesse where the paper actually printed a piece about a fearless, wonderful 12 year old  girl giving a speech in favor of secularism to a local board of county commissioners and being honored by FFRF for doing so, they awarded her with a $1000.00 scholarship. Not only did she give me hope, but the newspaper printing the whole story in an unbiased manner, rather than from a negative "look at what the atheists made this child do" slant just knocked me out, I'm so proud of her and the local paper there in Chattanooga. 

I really do need to write that paper and tell them thank you for reporting news with an unbiased slant, that needs to be lauded and reinforced.


Things are looking up for our species, there is yet hope we'll shed this insanity in favor of being of help to one another after all...




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