They're all around us: people who perceive the world as revolving around them and will go to considerable lengths to make it so: narcissists.  Such beings have been with humanity, I suspect, since humanity emerged from the gene pool.  Even worse, not long after our appearance, we created gods who epitomized that same quality of self-involvement and demanded that everyone else do obeisance to them.

And once again, I have TheraminTrees and his partner in crime, QualiaSoup, to thank for their unblinking look into the world of the narcissist, an evaluation of their nature and behavior, and a suggestion or two regarding how to deal with those who see the world as the oyster which YOU are supposed to open for them.  As with all their work, the following is nothing if not comprehensive and detailed in its analysis of the phenomenon which is narcissism, yet it is also accessible to the layperson.

That said, I leave you in Theramin's and Qualia's capable hands:

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For most of my life, I've recognized narcissists and the danger they present, as well as their flying monkeys, but I've not known the words that describe them.  

For example, until now I've not known what a flying monkey is, or what gaslighting is.  Only recently found-out what a narcissist is.

It's difficult for me to get through most of TheraminTrees' videos because I already know what he's pointing-out, and don't care for his illustrations, but did watch all of this one.

Great video! Thanks, Loren.




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