Worth a watch - it will be gone in a few days, so hurry

The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today

Fantastic bit of Atheist History in the US.  Ballsy mom.  If this is a repost, my apologies, I've been out of the look for about a week.

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More than just "worth a watch," The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today is an excellent look into one of the most important cases regarding the separation of church and state in the US.  It is especially enjoyable to hear Vashti herself commenting on her own thoughts and mindset as the case progressed.  That was one neat lady.

I would take exception to the comment by the legal scholar at the end of the piece, who said that the McCollum decision had arrived at a time when one could say, "Of course" about the court's ruling.  When I look at the continuing conflict between evangelical religion now in 2013 and the issues such as teaching creationism in schools which, by now, should be "of course" issues, still being argued, I know that the issue of church and state as regards our schools is far from settled, however much the McCollum case may be considered stare decisis law at this point.

Vashti McCollum didn't let up then.  We can't let up now.


Thanks for this. Vashti McCollum is indeed a hero, and her humble courage is inspiring. You can still see it in her eyes, even in her 90s. 


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