S.E. Cupp is a well-paid token atheist amongst conservative fundamentalist Christian pundits.  Many people suspect that she is pretending to be atheist and will eventually have a convenient, profitable conversion to Christianity.  


As a single atheist, would you date S.E. Cupp or someone with the same opinions?  Why or why not?


If you don't know who S.E. Cupp is:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZkFqj5cX5U  (debunks some of her claims in the previous clip from Bill Maher's show)



(Yes I know that there is no standard atheist and that no one can truly know what another person truly believes.)

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She is hot but I think I might feel like a traitor dating her. She is not an atheist. An imposter.

Definitely, I wouldn't.

I admit that she is very attractive, and the fact that I've been single for quite some time now doesn't really help me have a reasonable opinion on the matter. A hot girl is always right when you're errr.... let's say "attracted" to her.

But also, in my opinion, I find that I'm always attracted to a person's mind, and not their body. Corporeal attraction is obviously a good start and is certainly a big part in creating a long-lasting relationship, but if I'm to call her back, to talk to her in the morning (after sex, if anyone didn't get that), even just to introduce her to my friends and parents -- I need to be proud of my 'catch', and thus she needs to be intelligent.


So if the question is "would you f!@# her?", the answer is "probably, yes", given the opportunity.

If the question is "Would you date her?", the answer is "No, unless I am a terrible judge of character (*) and we end up being more like-minded than I initially thought we were.

OK that was my input !


(*)Or if she changes her mind. The Bible says that there's "no evil beyond redemption", and even if most of the Bible is rubbish, I believe this statement to be correct, along with the Golden Rule, et cetera.


(not a lot of ceterae, mind you)

I am an atheist that holds values that most people would associate with cultural Christianity, but I'm not forceful about my values. I think I would date S.E. Cupp because we're both atheists and we share similar values, but I don't think I would marry her for a few reasons. 1) She says her values are Judeo-Christian values, which are partially true but she's also ignoring the repugnant values of the Bible that today's cultural Christians ignore. She's ultimately forgetting that what determines values isn't religion or blind faith, but reason. 2) She says that she aspires to be a person of faith one day. Now, that makes it clear to me that she has no self-esteem if she wants to re-evaluate her life to fit within a particular faith. If she's not content on being an atheist, then I'm not content on continuing to date her.

nah she is batshit

2) She says that she aspires to be a person of faith one day.


Whoah, WTF?  Where did she say that?  That clearly labels the imminent fraud of her born-again conversion, which several people here have said is clearly coming up.


Have you got a link?

SE Cupp  "I really aspire to be a person of faith one day."  She also says that she could never vote for an atheist president.



Penn asks Cupp if she is a Colbert-type character "faking it" and setting up for a big book deal:



Here she answers the same question, saying "Why are you so mad at God?"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc8GM3P8gPw&feature=player_detai...

Ho ... ly ... crap.  Yeah, she's a total poser.

If your values are similar to cultural Christianity, but you are atheist, would you self-describe as conservative?  What do you think of SE Cupp's views on conservatives vs liberals as she discusses in the video below? 


Civil rights=baloney.  When challenged about how blacks didn't have the right to marry, she cockily shoots back with "Getting married isn't a human right." Looks like the concept of equality didn't even cross her mind... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Cy45GauHU&feature=player_detai...


Interesting how at the beginning she switches between acting like a crass airhead and then revealing some of her strategy for publicity. 

Wow, she's a complete whore for the fundamentalist right.  Her statement about votes vs. the court system displays a complete failure to grasp what the Constitution is all about.  She's all for tyranny of the majority.

How pathetic.

Cupp's "tyranny of the majority" philosophy contradicts even more absurdly with her devotion to George W. Bush. 


"Though Gore came in second in the electoral vote, he received 543,895 more popular votes than Bush."


No. I did once identify as a conservative, but I felt that conservatism was too forceful. I believe society should voluntary advocate moral principles or it shall just merely survive. A forced moral society is a contradiction, because force is immoral unless used to prevent force.


My morals are similar to cultural Christianity in that I believe premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and emotional adultery is wrong. I also believe that homosexuality is disgusting, although I cannot make a rational moral argument against the sexuality itself. However, I believe or would like to believe that I formed these decisions independent of my Christian upbringing (which was pretty lax). I believe marriage is a moral right and that all consensual couples should be allowed to receive equal benefits of a marriage. I believe that Muslims have the right to open a religious community center near Ground Zero even though I'd prefer there to be no such thing as religion, but since I'm not a conservative, I won't tell people what they can or cannot believe because I'm not God, no one is and I thank God no one for that fact. :P


I think that liberalism and conservatism can make a mindset, but that all depends on the person. Liberals and conservatives can enjoy different things. I think if anything, conservatives are more stereotypical, especially on the issue of religion (considering that they're mostly Christian), but that doesn't make them wrong for that reason alone.

I might be conservative in terms of wanting the government to eliminate taxes or at least make taxes a lot lower.  If Taxes were a lot lower the government would only provide a little bit of the most essential services and then every other government organization would be eliminated, or the function of almost every government organization would be done by private organizations, which would all hae to raise or earn their own money. 


But I'm not with you on any of your morals that are similar to cultural christianity.  Drugs and alcohol are bad for you, but really, there should be no laws against anything and people should just be smart enough not to put these poisons in their bodies.  Even prescription drugs are bad for you, they cause side effects and the drug companies are not morally better than illegal-drug dealers.  But sex before marriage is not wrong in and of itself, and marriage is just a piece of paper.  Actually, beinf unhappy due to involuntary celibacy is bad for you, and christianity and my former Judaism are immoral in terms of their obsessive-compulsive hatred of sexuality.  You can have a good relationship but never be married, and if you are married and have a bad relationship, being married makes it that much harder to separate.  If you really trust your lover or companion not to run away and to be a good lover or good person, then marriage doesn't matter, and if you think you need to be married to ensure that your companion won't run away, then maybe your companion is not such a good person.  Homosexuality just doesn't matter and decent, respectable straight people just don't mind the fact that some people are gay or lesbian or whatever.  Respectable heterosexual people who think homosexuality is disgusting just keep quiet about their meshugas most of the time so no gays will accidently overhear and be too uncomfortable or angry.  I just quietly stay home during the local gay pride parade parade and festival.




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