S.E. Cupp is a well-paid token atheist amongst conservative fundamentalist Christian pundits.  Many people suspect that she is pretending to be atheist and will eventually have a convenient, profitable conversion to Christianity.  


As a single atheist, would you date S.E. Cupp or someone with the same opinions?  Why or why not?


If you don't know who S.E. Cupp is:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZkFqj5cX5U  (debunks some of her claims in the previous clip from Bill Maher's show)



(Yes I know that there is no standard atheist and that no one can truly know what another person truly believes.)

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No. I did once identify as a conservative, but I felt that conservatism was too forceful. I believe society should voluntary advocate moral principles or it shall just merely survive. A forced moral society is a contradiction, because force is immoral unless used to prevent force.


What do you mean by "forced moral society"?


My morals are similar to cultural Christianity in that I believe premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and emotional adultery is wrong.


Why? On all those things:

Premarital sex: Is it so hard to separate sex from relationships? Really?


Drugs: What I do with my body is my choice and I have the right to make that choice as long as I do not infringe upon the rights of others to make their own choice. Marijuana is one of the healthiest drugs on the planet. Indeed, it's killed less people than caffeine!


Alcohol: I think that drinking to get inebriated is bad, but if you treat is a special-occasions drink, and drink for the flavor, not the the buzz (like how the French drink their wine and so on), then you're fine. Just don't be stupid with it.


Emotional adultery: What exactly is this? I mean, I know what "adultery" is, but what is "emotional adultery"? You mean, like, being in a relationship yet noting how attractive someone who's not your partner is?


If true, are you saying that being an average human being is wrong?


I also believe that homosexuality is disgusting, although I cannot make a rational moral argument against the sexuality itself.


If you're straight, then of course it's gross. I find gay sex to be utterly abhorrent and want nothing to do with it, but then I generally find the male body to be gross and I have no interest in anal whatsoever.


(On the flip-side, the only problem I ever had with lesbians is that they won't let me join in... :D)


And the reason, BTW, that you can't make a rational argument against it is because there is none. No rational argument exists against homosexuality. Why do you think the religious homophobes always appeal to their Bibles and emotion?


However, I believe or would like to believe that I formed these decisions independent of my Christian upbringing (which was pretty lax). I believe marriage is a moral right and that all consensual couples should be allowed to receive equal benefits of a marriage. I believe that Muslims have the right to open a religious community center near Ground Zero even though I'd prefer there to be no such thing as religion, but since I'm not a conservative, I won't tell people what they can or cannot believe because I'm not God, no one is and I thank God no one for that fact. :P


On this I agree with you 100%.


I think that liberalism and conservatism can make a mindset, but that all depends on the person. Liberals and conservatives can enjoy different things. I think if anything, conservatives are more stereotypical, especially on the issue of religion (considering that they're mostly Christian), but that doesn't make them wrong for that reason alone.


In my opinion, conservatives are wrong more often then they are right. Of course they are right sometimes, but it's not common.

@J Healey

I'm never surprised to read this kind of crap from the religious, but this, from an atheist, is ridick.  I've been having big, gay premarital sex for 20 years, and it has been great.  Any of my girls would agree.  The intimacy is not wasted, and a bond remains.


I urge you to peel back your puritanical layers.  You only get one swing at life.  Making up rules is a waste of time and energy.

No. As to whether or not she is a "true atheist", I'm not going there. Suffice it to say I have little tolerance for ugly wing-nut prattle.

She is not ugly. i think her mental abilites and looks are better used in porn or prostitution if you ask me.


Even if she is an atheist. Can we all agree that she would be a crazy atheist.

HP was saying that her prattle is ugly, not her face.


And yeah, if she's an atheist, she's completely fucked in the head.  Aspiring to become a believer is asinine.  If you don't buy something, then why would you try to force yourself into it?

She's a total con job.  Watch for it in two or three more years.

yea her prattle is ugly. 


lol she also wouldn't trust an atheist president. It has to be a con or she is mentally ill. I just think she is there to piss off all the real atheist.  Try to pin us as bigots if we are not as brainwashed as S.E cupp. 

No, she offends me.  I don't mind so much her conservative views and her even wanting to respect and defend the religious.  But when she says things like "I aspire to be a person of faith someday"  ....totally suspicious!  But the thing that makes me feel offended and betrayed is when she says that "As an atheist, I couldn't imagine voting for an atheist."  WTF?!!  She even went on to imply that people of faith are more trustworthy than atheists!  Betrayal!


The religious will LOVE it.  The religious will take it this way.  'Because she "acknowledges" that religious people are more trustworthy, that will make them trust her too as a "special" kind of atheist.  And because it is a lot more powerful for an ATHEIST to say that she wouldn't vote for another atheist than a christian saying it, she is gaining a lot of intrigue and trust from the religious.  This is all in preparation for her "miraculous" conversion I predict.  Christians love a story of atheist turns christian!  That's why she's doing it.  For the attention, glory, and influential power.  

Yeah, it's completely a Fox News con job.  I don't care what she claims to be.  With all of the other words that come out of her mouth, she can't be one.


Yes, the psychos who lose their faith due to emotional trauma and decide there can't be a god, with no rational reasoning for it ... the conspiracy nuts ... I don't like them, and I think they're bad atheists, but I can't deny they're atheists.  With her glowing treatment of religion, she just can't be.  Like you said, the aspiration to faith really cuts it.


I just wonder how much she hopes to gain from her eventual 'conversion'.  Bill Maher and others have already called her on it.  After it happens, she should get responses of, "Bitch, please.  We called you on your bullshit before you even executed the plan.  Now go away and talk to your Fox News sheep," from the mainstream media.

"That's why she's doing it. For the attention, glory, and influential power."

All that whore wants is money. I can't wait to see her next book. "I am a jesus freak now"
I'd be willing date S. E. Cupp at least once, and if the topic of her book comes up, I'd try to out philosophically-argue her. I'm on Bill Maher's side against her regarding her "atheism."  Going out with S. E. Cupp, maybe the topic of her "atheism" wouldn't come up.  I wouldn't ask about it.  There would be no reason to discuss it, ever.  If the topic did come up, my decision on whether to see her again would depend on how arrogant she is.  I'm somewhat with Tam below and as long as a girl is mostly not confrontational and agressive, I'd be willing to disregard her meshugas (craziness) for the sake of quitting my involuntary celibacy.

maybe the topic of her "atheism" wouldn't come up.  I wouldn't ask about it.

Like Penn Jillette, I'd find it hard to resist asking. 



I think faith alone is a virus.  I'm definitely with Adam Carolla and Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens in terms of how I know there is no god just like I know any other fact and I definitely think religion is a mental disorder but if I decided whether a woman was good enough for me based on how rational she is or how much of an atheist she is, then even most other atheists would be angry at me, so I logically know its best for me to keep quiet abotu the truth about religion most of the time and I would accept a girl mildly infected with religion as long as she mostly has good qualities and doesn't get too angry if I mention the truth about you know what.




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