S.E. Cupp is a well-paid token atheist amongst conservative fundamentalist Christian pundits.  Many people suspect that she is pretending to be atheist and will eventually have a convenient, profitable conversion to Christianity.  


As a single atheist, would you date S.E. Cupp or someone with the same opinions?  Why or why not?


If you don't know who S.E. Cupp is:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZkFqj5cX5U  (debunks some of her claims in the previous clip from Bill Maher's show)



(Yes I know that there is no standard atheist and that no one can truly know what another person truly believes.)

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"I would accept a girl mildly infected with religion"

What if it spreads?

That's my big issue, yeah.  It often happens when mildly religious people have children.  Suddenly, they're responsible for someone else's soul, as well as their own.  They'll become more religious and start pressing for all of the religious rituals that they'd completely ignored before.


I recall you being ever so slightly against obsessive, mindless ritual, Michael ...

They become good Christian folk once they have children but before that they break every rule in the book. I actually find it humorous how they change. My parents were bit the opposite. They wanted me to choose when I come of age to be a catholic. I am here so its obvious what I picked.

Only thing I see happening if an atheist married an infected is a divorce. I see nothing wrong with having a fling with one.

Yeah, until I came out as an atheist I neither believed nor disbelieved in the Jewish theology or rituals, or texts I was taught to love but never told to read much of, I only ever worried about whether I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do.  Now I just think the Jewish rituals are bizarre, inherited, maladaptive, time-wasting, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and beliefs, and in case have a kid I would rather that he/she should not be burdened with the cognitive dissonance or religious meshugas I had. Of course nothing traumatic should happen to him/her, otherwise I'd be as crappy of a parent as my own parents, and there will be no circumcision or shots or traumatic blood tests and so on.   


I suppose if I had a kid and the mother was kind of nominal christian who becomes religious and tries to infect her kids, I'd also tell my kids the truth and then her personality determines what happens after, whether she'd be angry at me and if she was angry enough she'd leave and/or get a divorse and leave me with nothing and/or the kids would think I'm a damned imoral shmuk.

I was an atheist since I was like 15. I agree seeing all those rituals looks bizarre.

there will be no circumcision or shots or traumatic blood tests and so on.

Are you saying that you would not let your child have vaccinations or blood tests?  If that is the case, why not?


My mother used to tell me that I had to go to the doctor the morning of a doctor visit, and then I freaked out and panicked all day.  Then I hyperventilated and freaked out at the doctor's office.  I don't know who's fault this is: my parents, the western medical establishment, the doctor, the nurses, or the government.  I was traumatized by the doctor visits.  Anything traumatic that happened to me, should not happen to any kid I have.  Yeah, I know It would be easier to just not care and let the kid's mother take any kid we have to the doctor, but then I'd be just as crappy of a dad as my own father.  It is not the case that children will be sick by default unless they get shots and medical tests.  I won't let any kid I have go to the doctor without me, and in case they threaten to do what I don't want them to do I'll immediately take my kid home. I won't let them do the typical child tourchering routine: the shots, blood test, blood pressure tests, squeezing the abdomin, and "ear cleaning" devices that use jets of water.  I also read somewhere that doctors are ignorant of intact male anatomy and medical "professionals" might try to retract boys foreskins, causing bleeding and trauma, because boys don't have a retractable foreskins until sometime between the age of 7-15.  Anyway, there is no reason a doctor should ever touch a kid's genitals. 


Its probably less traumatic and there's less of a chance of circumcision or injury if you have a midwife come to your home and help have your kid be born at home rather than going to a hospital.  The western medical religion (establishment) just babies to be born in hospitals to clean out your bank account. 

... blood pressure tests, squeezing the abdomin, and "ear cleaning" devices that use jets of water.


Blood pressure tests?  Seriously?  You were traumatized by blood pressure tests?  They also need to check the abdomen.  That's one of the ways they check you for childhood leukemia.  Preventing the cleaning of your kids' ears, if necessary, may result in ear/sinus infections, which can potentially be fatal, if not treated.


You're also flat-out wrong about touching their genitals.  There are a number of problems that have to be checked for there ... likewise, some of them potentially fatal.


You're starting to sound like an anti-vaxer, with your statements about the western medical establishment, man.  That shit has been thoroughly debunked and exposed as a lawsuit scam against the medical industry, by a bunch of lawyers who wanted to manufacture a class-action suit.  If you're going to contribute to that sort of thing and deny your child regular medical checkups, I hope you never have children.  We already have too much of that nonsense going on.

There are ear-nose-throat doctors that can put a tool into your ear to scoop wax out. Way less traumatic.  Otherwise I hope I have a kid just to show that I know better that you or that I'm a nicer person.  Kids don't like medical tests. 
I'm sort of like an anti-vaxer.  I'm against purposefully paying a bunch of money so someone can hurt your kid and then when your kid yells and complains, you just throw normal compassion out the window and still act like a cold-hearted rear-end hold who doesn't care and just takes your kid to a doctor anyway and then when your kid is crying his/her heart out, you just look the other way and do nothing to stop the nurse and doctors and spare your kid. 

Kids don't like medical tests.

Kids don't like spelling tests.  Spelling tests can cause anxiety, stress, nightmares, etc.  Plus, spelling tests are weekly events, much worse than annual checkups! 


Your opinion and personal experience on this matter are very different than that of the majority of people.  You should consider the likelihood that your child will have the typical "no big deal" experience, and not your atypical experience.  For example, the vast majority of kids enjoy having their blood pressure tested.  I have never seen a blood pressure kiosk in a store without children inflating the band around their arms and comparing their "scores."  Kids I know are always so proud of how brave they were for a shot, and like to show off the bandaid and whatever sticker/candy/toy they received.  Kids enjoy going back to see a nice pediatrician.  Kids love to play doctor, too!  Didn't you ever like to play doctor? 


You would do your child a disservice by projecting your issues onto him/her.  Do that enough, that's a good way to get your kid to hate ya...


Otherwise I hope I have a kid just to show that I know better that you or that I'm a nicer person.

So, you're turning having children into a competition?  You're doing it wrong.


Kids don't like medical tests.

Christ, man.  Part of growing up is learning that you have to do some things that you don't like.  I realize that your emotional development is a little bit behind, but you need to learn to recognize where there's a problem that you need to learn to get over.


You're really going to make your kids susceptible to disfiguring and potentially deadly diseases, because you don't want them to go through a brief bit of pain?  I take it you're not up to date on your tetanus shot?  Have fun with that one, if you catch it.




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