S.E. Cupp is a well-paid token atheist amongst conservative fundamentalist Christian pundits.  Many people suspect that she is pretending to be atheist and will eventually have a convenient, profitable conversion to Christianity.  


As a single atheist, would you date S.E. Cupp or someone with the same opinions?  Why or why not?


If you don't know who S.E. Cupp is:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZkFqj5cX5U  (debunks some of her claims in the previous clip from Bill Maher's show)



(Yes I know that there is no standard atheist and that no one can truly know what another person truly believes.)

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Kids love to play doctor, too!  Didn't you ever like to play doctor?

Umm, before I admit to anything I did as a kid, which version of the game are we talking about here?  :-D

To Michael Pianko:  I understand your apprehension toward western medicine.  I share a lot of your same sentiments.  However, I do appreciate a lot of what modern medicine has developed and has to offer.  I don't appreciate all of it though.  I cherry pick.  ;)  For instances, my children are not immunized and not circumcised.  I turn to medicine as a last resort and not a first.  I have a unique approach with my kids.  They don't have to go to the doctor checkups unless they want to.  That eliminates potential trauma I think. (I have very healthy kids so I can get away with this.)  Because of that, my children don't know any fear about the doctor's office.  My oldest son even underwent a blood test voluntarily out of sheer curiosity! He was 5!  He simply wanted to know if his blood was healthy.  (It was.) He knew exactly how it was going to happen and he still wanted to do it and came thru amazingly nonchalant.  But I think the key here is that he felt in control and not forced.  If you have the luxury (healthy kids) to approach it that way,  I think it's a great opportunity to do so.  I acknowledge that not everybody is as fortunate.  Some children do critically need more medically invasive care.  :(  In those cases, I can't judge parents for forcing it.  However, too many people think that their child needs invasive care when they really don't.  People need to do their own research on the gentle ways of treating illnesses instead of just depending and blindly trusting the doctors to take care of it all.  It sounds to me, Michael, that you are thoughtful enough to do that.  I admire and respect that.
Heh, you don't get to declare a discussion over, man.  Or rather you can, but I don't think anyone is going to pay much attention to you, when you do it.

S.E Cupp is a cunt. Yes I would date her to get laid not for her mind. 


There no proof that anyone else shares her twisted opinion that is also an atheist. 


OK, y'all are right.  She's dumb.  She only has a master's degree, which is a pretty good indication that she hasn't read "study after study" about anything.  But she wasn't even the dumbest one on the panel.  And I still think she's attractive.  We're still dating.

Has anyone here actually said she's unintelligent?  I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the earlier posts, but I mostly recall comments about her being dishonest.  That's mostly what I've said, anyway.  If my estimation of the situation is correct, then it takes a bit of planning and intelligence to construct and execute her plan.


Although, a strike against her is the fact that she's not doing a very convincing atheist act.


 I watched the youtube thing. It's a funny thing when you really don't watch television for a few years, you become very aware that the characters in programs are just talking to the camera and an acute sense of sincerity, and things like that, when you do see TV.  No matter whatever else she, that woman is a media slut. Yuck. I rate her a 1, as in 1 finger down my throat.  Puke!

Not all that attractive.
Way too stupid for me to stand her company for more than five minutes.

Zero for two, means I would not date her.
Date is a very broad term. I'd do her cause she's hot, but from what I've seen on TV I doubt we'd get along well enough for an actual relationship.

I think belief in the supernatural is a terrible thing simply because it's incorrect. She thinks that religion is positive despite that. I doubt she'd agree with me that all the positives she sees in religion are better supplied outside religion. This wouldn't be a problem in a normal person, but if she's on TV about this stuff all the time I don't think that dating her without it coming up all the time would be possible. 

IDK, she's hot and fairly rich, so it's worth a shot right? ;
Fuck no, that bitch is a lying fraud ...
I don't really know much about this person (only what I read in one or two of the links you offered), but she certainly seems nice.  So, sure, I'd date her in a minute.  Whether it would work out long-term or not, of course I can't say.  But someone who is both a political conservative and an atheist is certainly a promising combination as far as I'm concerned.  So, I'd vote a definite Yes.

Why does there have to be a point?  She was curious how the guys in the group would feel, and she asked.


A lot of people learned a good deal about some of the shit that Fox News is pulling.  Even though I don't think that was Nory's point, it's an result that I'm glad we achieved.  I had never heard about S.E. Cupp before this discussion was posted, myself.  Knowledge can be its own reward.  I'm glad she started the discussion.




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