Lawrence Krauss has an interesting take on how we should get humans to Mars without it becoming fuel cost prohibitive: Get older scientists to do it and let them die there.....

Question: If you had the chance to live out your remaining years on Mars, doing kickass science, but with no chance to return home, would you?

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If there was a couple of dozen people doing it as-well, and a terraforming effort under way, yeah, I'd do it. I'd still have delayed communication with earth... that would be enough.

Unless someone can think of a way to carry a second launch worth of fuel, and the launch pad with you.
I would say yes and go in a heart beat if it was possible. My dream has always been to get out there, space is the biggest adventure ever in my opinion and I would love to be a part of it.
That's definately one way to do it. I guess if I didn't have anything left on earth it would be an awesome adventure. I would have probably donated my body to science anyway. =)

I wouldn't want to be the last to die though. I'd want to leave some kind of kick ass memorial for my grandkids to see when they finally get up there.
I would totally jump at a chance like this. That being said, there are a few requirements that I would need to have for anything like this to work for me.

1. Close friends to provide companionship. I have 3 very close friends who I plan to spend my retirement with (once all our husbands die off of course;). Might as well go to Mars and have wonderful scenery (not to mention low grav).
2. Some relatively painless way to end my life should I get extremely depressed.
3. Plenty of experiments and terraforming activities to do...Yay!
4. Plenty of alcohol / drugs. If you're going to be stuck on Mars for the rest of your life, you HAVE to be able to let loose!

All kidding aside, I think this could work if there were a large enough group that social dynamics don't get out of control. I could even imagine a scenario where once every 4-5 years, a new group of colonists is sent out so that a somewhat permanent base is established. Maybe it'll happen once I get nearer old age.
I agree with Bio Ninja..If the above criteria was met,sure,I'd go.
I think if I landed on Mars and found out I'd have to return to California I'd jump ship at the earliest opportunity!
I would go provided that there was a good chance of long term life expectancy. Like a habitat that would provide all the needs to sustain life. Hopefully it would be to set up a landing area and support for more arrivals. It would be great to be apart of the colonization of Mars. And hopefully we would be able to keep religion from corrupting the whole process.
No thanks. I'm not going to do to little green men what European colonists did to American Indians a few centuries back.
I would go at the drop of a hat. I don't know how "kick ass" at science a security guard would be. I can carry stuff and besides every crew needs an 800 pound gorilla. :)
I'm not seeing it. Even if I felt it was perfectly safe, I'd feel stuck with only the people on that ship, and I'm not that fond of people... And it sounds like a hell of a lot of work. And socially? I'm thinking "Lord of the Flies" within two years. Two Alpha males, a fragile authority structure, sexual supply vs. demand, scarce resources, and no way back... Perfect storm.
I thought the temperatures where so extreme there that we (humans) would be required to live in a suit all the time. I'm not sure our suits and or ship could sustain those temperatures for long periods without even more fuel than just enough to get there. I don't see it as a reality anytime soon. Maybe if we could send loads of eqiupment ahead of time, enough to build a space station. I think we need to develop an effective renewable fuel source first. It would help us in space and at home.
I'd totally do it, although I'm more of an artist than a scientist...

At my age I'd probably also be the last to die, so it would work out for everyone else that wants a memorial. I have to admit I've never understood the obsession with memorials, "death songs" and so on. I'm gonna be DEAD! I won't care! :P

I would, however, need some kickass video games to play.




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