Lawrence Krauss has an interesting take on how we should get humans to Mars without it becoming fuel cost prohibitive: Get older scientists to do it and let them die there.....

Question: If you had the chance to live out your remaining years on Mars, doing kickass science, but with no chance to return home, would you?

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Fuck yeah I'd do it!
Seems like the Mars Direct approach only adds slightly more time and if all goes well, you get to return your astronauts to earth.
Two sided coin for me. Yes, because it would be the opportunity of a life time. No, because I'm a wildlife biologist. kinda pointless to go with our current understanding of mars
No, I couldn't leave my family.
Earth is more interesting, albeit familiar.
Mars is a cool place to die.

Here lies the first infidel to die on Mars.

Nice. :)
Depends on the accommodations, I suppose. And never seeing my daughter again would be very hard. But, otherwise - hell yes!
Without a doubt.
Just to think i would be closer to God than all those damn christians.
YES!! Absolutely!! In a heartbeat!! No ifs, or buts, YES!!




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