I have been reading about Christopher Hitchens' view of God recently. The Wikipedia article about him says:

 "You could be an atheist and wish that the belief was true," he told CBC. "An antitheist, a term I’m trying to get into circulation, is someone who’s very relieved that there’s no evidence for this proposition. He argues that the concept of God or a supreme being is a totalitarian belief that destroys individual freedom."

While reading this, it occurred to me that I am exactly the kind of atheist that Christopher Hitchens is not. I would very much like there to be a benevolent powerful God to look after me and guide my life. I only reluctantly yield to the evidence that there isn't such a being.

What are peoples' views about this?

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Wait, it's the same guy, WAIT! Which came first? or last, …both?

Well, that doesn't make any sense...


I finally understand the Christian circle of reasoning...

NO. NEGATIVE. NEIN. NO. нет. NIE. NON. those are the only no's i know. If a god exists, then well everything else is pointless. some people say atheism is bleak and hopeless, religion is worse.

No. A God means I must follow his rules and agree with him.

I don't like anybody controlling me. I like to think for myself.

Although it would be cool to live in an "Elder Scrolls" or "D&D" style world with their magic and deities, I'm more than happy that in the real world there are no gods. We seem to be the only species which does not seek to "stand on it's own two feet". How ironic.




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