Would you rather be right or wrong about your beliefs?

Many atheists beliefs are that nothing happens after death. I would rather be wrong about my belief of nothing happening after death. If im wrong then life continues on then if im right life stops. I dont see any reason to prefer life stopping over life beginning after death. You would still be atheist if your consciousness still lived after you die cause I doubt you will find any evidence of god even the

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Like Talia I don't even see that as a possibility. I actually enjoy the fact that there is a finite me.

The idea of eternity seems very boring, what would you do? Disembodied aether means, no touch, no smell, no senses at all.
What possible reason could there be for thinking that consciousness persists after death? I don't think our preferences matter one bit.
This isnt about if a afterlife is possible it is about if you want to be right or wrong about your belief. Theres alot of stuff people didnt believe was possible but they were proved wrong.
I don't really care about being right or wrong, it is about following the evidence. Pretty much across the board the answer is the natural world.

There isn't a me without my physiology, it is a total package deal.
Life after death, I don't know. The idea of nonexistence scares me more than it used to. But I'd be glad to be right about not existing, and I think after living a lifetime, people are probably tired out--at least, when my grandma died I knew she wouldn't have wanted to live any longer. Maybe I would like to be wrong about other beliefs. I don't believe that thoughts make a difference in the physical world (like if you send out vibes) and I definitely don't believe that people get what they deserve, at least, not as a karmic law. (Sometimes if you piss off enough people they'll get vengeance, but you can also skip town.) I would like to believe that they were true, but sorry, they're not.
As much as I'd love to be wrong, I am pretty cemented in the belief that consciousness is an emergent product of neural interactions in the brain. THAT can be explained. There's no need to introduce an extra factor into this (occam's razor) .
I would rather be right.I'm the type that accepts what life is.I accept why things happen.I wouldn't like living forever.It would be boring.Knowing that your going to die one day helps me.I know you need to live your life.
I'd rather be right about my beliefs. However I wouldn't be disappointed if death wasn't the end of existence.
I would rather my beliefs (of which I have only a few) be a true statement about the universe as is currently known rather than right or wrong. The implied moralism of right/wrong is, I think, irrelevant to truth (or falsity.)
nothing happens after death?

Well things happen...but they're not pleasant to talk about, now, are they?

Decomposition happens. That's not a belief, that's a reality. I don't think humans have souls that exist after the physical parts of us die. That just doesn't follow any natural laws of the material universe. Any talk of "consciousness" after death seems pointless and more like a theological debate than a scientific/rational debate!

Like any other living thing that dies, we fall to pieces. Why should we be any different than any other living material that stops living? We are finite beings...our cells, our tissue, our organs, etc. Maybe some of those parts can be substituted or "re-grown", but not the whole package! Unless a person can be kept in a "frozen" state and revived...dead is dead. That cryogenic idea...not sure how far we've come with that as a technology.

We can argue the process...anything else is wishful thinking, isn't it?

Perhaps future scientists/medical doctors can figure out ways to extend life...but end death?? I can't imagine that. And I can't imagine "heaven" as depicted in Biblical Scriptures. And the heaven of Muslims seems greatly skewed against members of my gender. Death makes room for more of our species...out with the old and in with the new....so to speak. Tragic but it makes us appreciate our short time here, doesn't it?
Do I wanna be wrong about being an atheist?


I find theism confusing and self-centered. It produces delusions and keeps people in a fantasy, keeps people from seeing the world as it is. Atheism can be a source of arrogance as well, so we have to be vigilant about becoming the things that we criticize, but in the end it's the correct and the most wholesome and scientific view, in my humble opinion.

I do feel bad, however, for my family members that are sincere about their beliefs. A part of me doesn't want to burst their bubble because I feel that some of them feel that they need their faith to deal with certain struggles, like being faithful to their wives, staying sober or facing death of self or loved ones. That's where I don't want to be a 'soldier for atheism', and instead I try to practice tolerance as long as they're not homophobic or anti-science ...
An end to life makes it more precious.




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