Would you rather be right or wrong about your beliefs?

Many atheists beliefs are that nothing happens after death. I would rather be wrong about my belief of nothing happening after death. If im wrong then life continues on then if im right life stops. I dont see any reason to prefer life stopping over life beginning after death. You would still be atheist if your consciousness still lived after you die cause I doubt you will find any evidence of god even the

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I hope I'm wrong.

I wouldn't like to live forever but I do fancy the idea of reincarnation. It's not as ridiculous as living in a happy place for ever after you die. I mean we are alive and conscious and part of the universe and when we die we are still part of the universe with alive and conscious things in it so being part of them doesn't seem that far fetched. But I just can't believe that any of me will be left after I die, and really the thing that makes us alive is our individuality. We are an island of ourselves during life but I don't see why that should persist through death.

I'm not sure there's nothing after death though because everything's still there. I'm pretty sure there's no me after death though.

Wow it's really hard to write down my thoughts in a way that makes sense. They seem so straight forward in my mind.
I'd rather I was right that you die when you die. This whole 'my life continues; is NOT thought out by anyone who wants - whether they believe it or not. What do you mean 'your consciousness lives after you die?' - the consciousness as it last was when you were alive and, apparently, didn't actually need a brain to generate? Did my one day old older brother (he died at birth) just continue a a one day old and will, for how long. Is my mother stuck with a damaged consciousness forever because she died with one after a horrible tumor ravaged her brain?

And for how long? Eternity? Who wants to live for eternity? Do you have any idea how long that is?
I prefer life to death, but it's a moot point.
I have no delusions about it, yeah, I'd prefer it if I lived after death...
... but I know that's not possible. We die. That's it.

I'd also prefer it if I had the ability to walk through walls too... but that ain't happening either.
Or read minds, or teleport, etc. None of this is real though.

The idea of the afterlife is easy to dupe someone into believing... because 1: You can't prove a negative. and 2: People are afraid of death.
In a lot of ways, I would love for there to be a happy magical all-loving sky-fairy. I have a mind that naturally gravitates toward awe of the fanciful, so I'd imagine that's probably why. That is also probably why I ended up in religion for so many years.. perhaps it is a "miracle" I got out.

I would also love to see pots of gold at the end of rainbows, unicorns, leprechauns, and other mythical magical beings.. so I mean, what point does answering this question actually serve, I guess ;)

The point is, there isn't a God. And there aren't any leprechauns (dammit). So that's that I guess.
What I would like to be the case is completely divorced from reality. Therefore, I try my best not to have any "beliefs" on subjects for which I have no evidence.


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