Would you support any kind of welfare or social safety net for people? For example: Unemployment or food stamps or perhaps subsidized housing. 

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I don't support any form of govenmental welfare.

Private charity would fill the gap as it did in the past. Not a perfect situation, but much better when what we do now!
The majority of private charity is religious or tied to a religion. I have heard of some charitable organizations (like some that set up sponsorship for children in poor areas of the world) to require that the people receiving their aid attend church or believe in God. Do you think that charitable donations by Atheists would go up if there were no other welfare programs? Mind you, this may not reduce the amount of taxes we pay, as the funds will probably be diverted to pet projects or what have you.
No. It's robbery and a tool for entrapping the masses into supporting the bureaucratic machinery. It destroys those who are stolen from to support it and those who receive it.




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