i got hold of this vid and i wanted to do something...anything...after watching it. The last thing in the world i am is naive, i know this is happening, but the punch in the gut that this video provided makes me want to disseminate it so a discussion outside of the like-minded folks on this site might be had. i myself do not have a facebook© page, is it appropriate to ask that anyone interested would toss it out there into the interwebs?


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Shaken people are usually more ready to hear about god than those who are at ease, making them more responsive to the gospel.

So, in other words, people under enormous stress are more VULNERABLE to indoctrination or (let's call a spade a spade here) BRAINWASHING.  And this comes under the heading of a government-sponsored activity.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" ... but does NOTHING to correct or restrict this unbridled proselytism.  I'll admit this is not news to me, though I was not in the service.  I was aware of the proselytism scandal which happened at the Air Force Academy, as it was actually covered in the major news media, and I have heard of similar problems going on in Afghanistan before I saw this video.

This Is DESPICABLE ... and I'm giving serious thought to writing my Congresswoman and two Senators about this matter.

i'm writing mine, as well, and sending the link, as well. i agree that, since the "evangelee" listens voluntarily, that it isn't specifically a violation of establishment, but i'm troubled by the sermons given while wearing the uniform. i think that is a potential violation.

i just think that if more non-theists and reasonable people of faith heard about this, it would at least require some sort of congressional concern.

thanks for the reply, it helps to have other sane people who aren't forcing me to observe their invisible friend's birthday...




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