thinkprogress, "The unbearable whiteness of Moses"

I know the bible is fiction mixed with legend mixed with fantasy mixed with a touch of reality.  But the semitic peoples were not, as far as I know, Nordic looking.  Not on this planet, anyway.

Reading through the article all I can think is next there will be a story of the American Civil Rights movement, with Brad Pitt in the role of Martin Luther King jr.

I remember Yul Brenner as the King of Siam.  And there was Omar Sharif as Dr. Zhivago.  That was in a lest "enlightened" era.  I guess they cast "foreign looking" actors in "foreign-looking" roles.  Whatever that proves.  But Moses and Noah should be kind of "foreign-looking" too, I think.  In the name of Biblical accuracy, of course.

Oh for that matter, Yul Brenner played Pharoah too.   


Im so confused.

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Well said, Daniel. Heston and Brenner didn't look like brothers. (Well, adoptive brothers.)

I'm reminded of Judas being asked how they would know Jesus so they could arrest him. Judas replied "he's the little short guy with the big nose."

Then, if you are a good christian and want to masterbate, Jesus might appear to you and say "Here, use my hand." Being crucified has an advantage.


Modern Egypt results from millenia of mixing with other Mediterannean and Arabic peoples.  Greeks, Romans, others.  Im not an ethnographer, but I imagine it would be more accurate to cast, say, Will Smith  as Ramses.  Or for more gravitas, Morgan Freeman, 

I don't know about Moses.  But not someone WASPy.  Whatever Moses looked like, he was no Anglo-Saxon.

I guess Hollywood needs to reflect the biases and comforts of movie-goers.  I read that the Chinese market is so big now, Hollywood producers are looking for ways to include Chinese characters in movies to attract more movie goers in China  Maybe have BD Wong in the role of Moses' brother Aaron.

The bible is complete fiction. It would be like making The Color Purple with a white cast. Most Christians secretly want to see all of their heroes portrayed as European males. Marketers are well aware of beliefs; the demographics of Christian believers is 86%, and the demographic of whites in the United States is 75%. 




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