Wow the dirt and outright racism on part of GOP is apparent... post election cheat attempt!

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Thanks for the info GZ.  It confirms what a lot of voters thought.  I think those efforts backfired - the people who GOP didn't want to vote, were inspired to sacrifice whatever it took to vote.

The hell of it is, the effort to restrict early voting was well-apparent for what it was long BEFORE the election, and action was taken to maintain pre-election day voting.  And for those who wish to allege that this was purely for the benefit of Democrats, allow me  to remind them that under this system, Republicans can vote early right along with Democrats if they so desire.  If people choose not to and do the traditional thing on Election Day (as I do), That's THEIR Choice.

Instead of attempting to rely on lame tactics like this to swing elections their way, the GOP needs to start looking hard at their policies and how they impact the general public.




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