I cant believe this.

I was tasked by my girlfriend to do some research between atheism and deism but in an UN-bias manner, as in to say from both points of view. its sad that most the things xtians have to say runs along these lines,


yes, there are a few sites that talk nice about us but this seems to be the accepted stereotyping of xtians towards Atheists.

Truly truly sad.

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Ummm ... you ARE aware that Landover Baptist is a "POE" site, right?  They're up there with Betty Bowers in satirizing christianity, though with Betty, she's sufficiently over the top to be able to tell that it's a joke (for me, anyway!).

again, wow. well I was not aware of poe's law but its still scary. It definitely is well over the top, was going through the site a bit and WOW...  the bad part is some people actually follow that. how can anyone in there right mind...

You can still have fun with POE's though, …use them as cites when arguing with less observant fundies (heh heh, auto spell-check wanted to parse that as "fun dies", too funny), and they'll lap it up like li'l puppies.




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