My brother and I have been discussing seperation of church and state. Lots of retarded emails back on forth because he kept wanting to make it about faith in God and my lack of, but trying to steer the train back on track I sent him this:

Not to beat a dead horse, but just in case anyone was still curious on the matter:

Is America Considered a Christian Nation? opposed to a nation of Islam, Judaism, or people from The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

He sends back this:

Well, you're comparing oranges to apples, Middle East Monarchies to
Democracies to Oligarchies.

I do agree with separating government from one religion, but I also
think that most religions share the same core moral principles (not
killing, raping, stealing, etc). Having laws without reason is complete
hypocrisy. Just like in courtrooms today, people will take the moral
low-ground and justify killing someone because they were "insane at the
time" or stealing because "the family needed it".

Whether or not someone is crazy, they still can't just take another's
life. Whether or not your family needs something, you can't just take
it from someone else.

See where I'm going. I agree that one certain religion should not
dominate the political landscape, however our democracy is based on the
majority. If the majority of our citizens are Christian, then the
people can vote and make laws according to their set of ideals.

When it goes awry (religion in gov't), is when it is used to control the
population (see Iran), inhibit ingenuity (see Iran), and give
justification to the idea that another country should be wiped out based
on their opposing ideals (see Iran vs Israel).

Like... wtf?!

Its this whole "good to one another" mentality that disgusts me. I can't even make my own family give a shit about anyone other than themselves. Granted, my brother and I are a lot different. He served in a Iraq for a long time and just has a different perspective on the world through his own experiences.

But for some reason, the words of our founding fathers and the documents they wrote don't matter, unless he can quote mine.

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