So who thinks the WWII memorial should be removed? I saw it in the news a few times lately and Im torn. As a free thinker I am totally in support of the separation of church and state but if the Cross is there as a symbol of remembrance and honor of those who lost there lives in war, even if it was just for the christians; and isn't meant to advertise christianity should it be left alone? As I said I am all for the separation of church and state and I usually am always for removing religion from public forum but as a veteran I feel it would be disrespectful to those who sacrificed for us, even if it is a christian symbol of sort. Should we be upset its there even if it is meant for honoring the fallen christians (which is speculative) and their personal beliefs? Or perhaps the fact that Im a vet is clouding my judgement. Hope to see some opinions on this. 

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I'm a vet and we should be honoring the fallen vets. That's what this is all about. But if we assume the fallen vets are christians and that they are all "in a better place now" or that we "know they are in heaven," this is a leading assumption because not all vets could be christian. It would be absurd to think they are, so maybe the cross is something that should go. Just sayin.'

When I was a christian none of this stuff bothered me. I even kept quiet if I did not believe it. Today what angers me the most is that you just leave a funeral where the man was lowered into the ground at the cemetary and some idiot says "we all know he's in a better place now. He's up there smiling down on us." Are you insane? He's in the goddamned ground! We just put him there!

You make an interesting point. Thanks for your input!

@Michael, isn't that tthe truth.

I'm a veteran myself, but I'm not sure what cross you are referring to. There's none that I know of on the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. Or, are they trying to put one up? The closest thing I could find as of recent news is a WWI memorial cross in Prince George County, Maryland, for the fallen vets from 1917-1918. Is that the one?

I thought is said WW2 memorial but I may have been mistaken. It is claimed to be a peace cross vs. a religious one.

what is a peace cross? The cross was used for public executions and torture. by a militarized dictatorship that had as many slaves as it had citizens.

Its like having a peace noose, or peace electric chair, or peace firing squad. these days, a peace needle.

That's a good idea, Daniel. I don't wear jewelery but would like to have an electric chair necklace all in pure gold to wear around my neck. When theists ask me what it is, I could reply "it's an electric chair and this is the update on that 2000 year old relic you are wearing."

As a monument, an electric chair has potential to be quite dramatic.  Especially high on a hill,  with thunder and lightening.  Christians are missing out on reenactments that could be very stimulating.

I cant link to it via ipad. there is a massive cross over san diego built by a veterans organization. there have meen 25 years of litigation.

you can find it googling or wikiing on soledad cross.

If on private ground no problem. on public ground, they csn build a gisnt dove instead. Or a va hospital. or a peace symbol. or a homeless living center.

I dont want a cross but im glad i have va medical benefits to fall back on if i need them. i was laso fortunate to have my education supported in part by veteran tuition support although i still worked through all of my schooling. those were meaningful ways to honor a veteran. Also vetersns day although I have never once had veterans day off, snd no one ever gave me a cookie or cup of coffee on that day. not that i want them.

but a massive cross? pull it down.
The wikipedia article on the Soledad cross in La Jolla / San Diego is interesting. It looks like veterans were sn afterthought - was formerly the easter cross.

Also this symbol of peace marked a christian- only neighborhood. No Jews allowed.

It msy not be the same cross. But this is the one I read about.





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