I don't know if this is the right place for this, so please feel free to move it.


An Irish website was recently set up to help people who wanted to officially defect from the Catholic Church.


As the the title suggest the website is www.countmeout.ie.


I have no affliation or connection to the site other than having used it to defect.


Although it's primarily designed and aimed at Irish Catholics I can't see how the same process couldn't be applied anywhere in the world. The documents that the site has put together are the official Catholic Church defection documents which I'm sure are not specific to Ireland. So I'm assuming anyone can fill these in and send them to their local bishop/ priest.


If you're disgusted, as I was by the appalling way in which the Catholic Curch has behaved in relation to the sickening child abuse scandals around the world, vote with your feet.


How often do you hear the Catholic Church use its strength in numbers around the world as a way of exerting influence? No longer let them count you as a member. Sign up and sign out!



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It's absolutely the right place. You might also let these folks know -

I think it's good that there is a site like this available, but there are probably better places you could advertise it. Anyone on here is already an ex-catholic if they ever were one.
Thanks Dr. F. Done.

JPM, when you say that 'anyone here is already an ex-catholic' what exactly do you mean? I have been a lapsed catholic for over 20 years, but I'm only officially no longer a catholic a matter of months. Regardless of how you feel or regardless of how long it has been since you've attended Mass or even believed in god, as long as you remain on the baptismal register of the catholic church they will continue to count you as a member. When the catholic church in Ireland states that they represent a certain percentage of the population they can no longer include me in that figure. The more lapsed/ ex/ former catholics who were baptised into the catholic church that oficially defect, the lower this figure becomes and the less powerful and influential they become. It may take some time, but it has to start somewhere.
Hmmmm. Wasn't really aware of this. I guess they will use whatever accounting means necessary to boost their numbers. In light of Dr. FG says below, it looks like its not easy to get off their list once you're on it.
Well actually, it really depends on your diocsese. It took me about 2 or 3 months to finalise it. But I've heard others getting theirs completed in a matter of weeks. I suspect those being stonewalled, haven't completed and aren't aware of the oficial documents laid out in the website listed.
Anyone on here is already an ex-catholic if they ever were one.

You make it sound easy. It's not - not if you want to be removed from their records. One person here has been trying for months and is stonewalled at every turn.
I keep saying, just send them a note stating, "I DENY THE HOLY GHOST"!
The hard part is getting someone to accept it. "You're just having a moment. We'll talk later..."

There is a formal procedure. That site does detail it.

I'm assuming you're just messing around with that. But why stop with the holy ghost? Why not deny the whole kit & kaboodle!

Seriously though, if you want to officially be removed such a note to them will not suffice!
Start questioning everything they did. The guy I'm dating was excommunicated by the church for asking too many questions. XD
I'll echo the illustrious Dr. Grogan's assertion that this is the right place to post this. In addition to Ex-Catholics Coalition, you might also post this in: Recovering Catholics.
Thanks for pointing this website out.


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