From the Scottsbluff (Nebr) Star-Herald: (full article at link), odd news . . .

NEWCASTLE, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming high school student who built a nuclear reactor in his dad’s garage was disqualified from the International Science and Engineering Fair this month on a technicality.

His crime: competing in too many science fairs.

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Well, let's find a punishment to fit the crime, shall we?  How about:

A Scholarship And A JOB???

How do you make a home nuclear reactor  ???

I mean, the world is in such an energy crisis, and you're telling me all we need to do is have a nuclear reactor in each garage?

It probably has something to do with Microwave ovens and non-dairy creamer, the properties of both being deep mysteries (filed under Things I Learned from Pinky and the Brain).

We should be encouraging students to attend more science fairs, not stifling their creativity and hard work.  More students and more fairs breeds healthy competition. 

What a smart kid.  And ambitious.  Wow!

Nuclear Reactor in garage? Is this Sheldon?

Seriously though I agree with the sentiments expressed.. encourage him at all costs!


How dare he show initiative.  His actions could infect other students and before you know it the country will be crawling with students that want be scientist.... Oh the horror.. 

Here's how it works: It's a fusion reactor.  So far it uses more energy than it creates.

  1. Two vacuum pumps suck air out of the central chamber, leaving a near-total vacuum. Loose atoms in here interfere with fusion and lower yield.
  2. The chamber is filled with deuterium and jolted with about 45,000 volts of electricity. A negatively charged grid of thin steel wires attracts the now-positive particles, sometimes causing them to collide.
  3. Colliding particles fuse to form helium-3. The resulting neutron emission is measured, proving that fusion occurred.

This article was about a different teenager, but they probably both used the same process.

Where does one get enough deuterium?

Apparently you can buy deuterium. 

I'm pretty sure my local supermarket has it on special this week with a coupon.





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