From the Scottsbluff (Nebr) Star-Herald: (full article at link), odd news . . .

NEWCASTLE, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming high school student who built a nuclear reactor in his dad’s garage was disqualified from the International Science and Engineering Fair this month on a technicality.

His crime: competing in too many science fairs.

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Heavy water is toxic apparently - mammals given heavy water to drink die when their body water is 50% deuterated. 

It's interesting that you can achieve nuclear fusion in a garage ... I had thought nuclear fusion required extreme conditions, just as the interior of the sun is extreme. 

Maybe someone will modify this process someday to give practical amounts of power!

Science fairs have prizes and they don't want one person getting too many prizes. 

So it isn't a silly rule.  

His interest in science wasn't the problem, it was that he was 'shot-gunning' too many fairs. It's not unreasonable to have rules in place to keep it fair for everyone.

[I really think that it is quite illegal to build even a small reactor in your garage for public safety reasons]

BTW here's another cool science fair project:




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