Have you ever come across a business who makes it known that they are a good xtian business? What a scam. The last xtian business i had an experience with was a glass repair business. They promised that my windshield would pass inspection. I didn't know much, i was young. It turns out that a new windshield would have been around 100, and the repair was 160. To top it off, i didn't pass inspection, and then they ignored my calls. Yesterday, i got a letter with a flyer in it. They didn't even spell "christian" right. I guess it was too expensive to do the flyers over?

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If you think that's something, I interviewed with an visual inspection technology outfit for a position as a field service engineer.  Upon checking out their website, I found the following at the top of their "About" page:

To be the world leader in engineered on-line sensing and process analysis products and services, which delight customers while applying Biblical principles of ethics.

In a way, I'm glad I didn't get the job, if that's the way they run their business.

It's one of the reasons I refuse to go inside a Chick-Fil-A. The minute I hear of a business that touts itself as operating on Christian principles, I smell a rat. If you have a product that I want, I'll check out the quality, desirability, price, etc., and if satisfied, will pay for it. However, if part of that is my acquiescence in your belief system, you'll have to find another source of income.

it's worldwide lies i tell ya!
they love that biz s.of the border! real estate! hello
pray for slave master$ yay! Unions, they hate that.

It's OK to boycott christian business, or other businesses that have practices that we disagree with, as long as we don't mind christians boycotting atheist businesses or businesses that they disagree with.  In my case, I do make decisions based on whether a business discriminates against someone like me, and especially if they take an activist position against someone like me.  Also, I support businesses that support me.  Makes sense.  I do have problems supporting a business that I agree with in principle but has a bad product or bad service.

I don't exactly boycott these businesses.  But I do look at this form of advertising as a warning to expect an inferior product or service.  There is no need for a gimmick if the business is outstanding.

now this is more like it:
(refer to my latest blog if you dare!) ; )

Ohhh, do it, do it, do it! And, tell her it's a 30 foot basking shark with a crick in it's jaw. LOL

OMG LOL I'd pay for the audio tape of that conversation!

Well I would steer clear of any business that uses the "fish", have biblical passages on the vehicles, and say "Christian" business because not only they do a lousy job, their intent is to proselytize. I don't even watch NASCAR because they have a Christian prayer before the race.



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