How are they viewed? I ask this because i just saw a banner at a methodist church that says "service for families with children". Well what about the church goers who don't have kids? I don't know; i may be reading too much into it, but if i went to that church, i'd probably feel left out. Would it be offensive to the church members with kids to see a banner that said "service for those with no children"? I'm guessing that it's probably not too popular to not have kids; i don't know. My initial reaction was that it just rubbed me the wrong way. 

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Those of you trying to get pregnant with no success, please stay home in your misery.  Apparently, God doesn't want you to breed, and you are therefore not invited to this service.

Yes, I would say you are reading too much into it.  The reasoning I would think (having kids of my own) is they would have a service that is more family friendly (more active, less "dry" and sermon based) to keep kids engaged, and also, parents are more understanding if others' kids are loud or make a fuss.  Kind of like how a lot of churches have a service that is more for younger people and one that is more "traditional" for older people. 

My understanding of the "service for families with children" is that many folk who are single or do not have children do not like interruptions of crying babies, children throwing tantrums, &c (think a long aeroplane flight).

Thus churches offer services directed at families with children, so that they may enjoy a worship service without complaints of those who are bothered by children. It doesn't preclude a childless person from going to such a service.

It might also mean they won't quote those inconvenient Bible passages on rape, incest, genocide, slavery, &c because children have not been sufficiently inculcated to accept those as God's love, but that is only a theory.

The Presyterian church I attended as a child (against my will) would release the children half way through the service to go to indoctrination Sunday school.  Both options sucked, as far as I was concerned, since most of my friends were at home enjoying their weekend.


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