Alright guys, Halloween is probably the best best holiday ever, right up there with gift day and eat day.

Upon closer inspection, this Halloween falls on a Saturday.

No excuses this year, guys. Let your inner five year old out.

I propose we all go as pirates in honor of his noodliness.

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Hallow'een is my favorite holiday ever! I'm so pissed that my granddaughters are "too old" for Trick-or-Treat now!....Hey....wait.....I have a couple of grand-nephews.......hmmmmmm....let the mayhem be planned! MUHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
Sydni I would gladly be your escort.... but you live in NY and I in MN I don't think that will work... but it's that thought that counts.
I'm going to be Jesus. My best friend gets to be Pontius.
That's a wicked idea!
O.O I have the hair for that. I could do that.
Halloween often provides me with the opportunity to interact with Christians in a special way. Christians frequently object to Halloween celebrations so they try to lay guilt trips on others by asking them is the celebrate it. I then get to tell them that I am an atheist and I don't celbrate Christian Holy Days, like All Hallows Eve, called Halloween. But I do like dressing up and handing out candy to beggers.
Nice! I like that.
Woo Hoo! I will dust off my peg leg!
I suggested this on 'Parenting little heathens' That is the plan in our house! (Except the kid, he gets to pick his own, of course)
My son-in-law is a photojournalist for the OKC independant weekly newspaper. Every year they sponser a big Hallow'een parade called "Ghouls Gone Wild". I think I'll go this year. Got a great idea for a costume too. I'll take pics!
I found this last year or maybe the year b/f


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