Yes, and Eve Met a Talking Serpent (At Least Alice and the Caterpillar Were Clearly Fiction)

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Frankly, I had no idea Mr. Trudeau was "one of us."  (Freethinkers, that is.)

That was great - thanks for sharing, James!

I no longer get the paper and suspect they are running him, if at all, on their editorial page, as if all comics are not opinions.  As for sharing, I ripped it off my Facebook page as someone had posted it.  I do try to be fastest to post them at A|N but I sometimes duplicate, and then somebody yawns in hypertext.

And people wonder why the southern states have such dismal education stats...

You have to remember, the policy of the slave owners was to forbid anyone from educating the Africans brought to our shores before Lincoln.  The theory was the same then as now: by keeping people ignorant, they are less likely to get ideas into their heads and challenge your authority.  I keep thinking of Sen. Trite Loot's speech about his personal mentor, the speech that cost Trite his job as majority leader or whatever.  Speaking at a function in honor of Sen. Strom Thurmond, he said, roughly, that if the rabidly racist Thurmond had been elected when he ran on a segregation platform prior to the 60s, "we wouldn't have had all those problems."  Go figure.  Believe me, Haley Barbour is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Billie Holiday sings: "...Southern trees/bear strange fruit."

Doonesbury still runs in the comics section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer ... and Gary Trudeau has no problem sniping at GOP bullshit, including their current war on women:

Keep em coming James. I had seen this one before but this time I had the opportunity to save it. I love Doonesbury.


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