Yes, and God Put Fossils Into the Earth to Fool the Darwinists

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And if Americans came from Europe, why are there still Europeans?!?

LOL! Stupidity is fascinating!

I love that comment.  We should study stupidity - then are we stupidologists?

Perfect response!

I've had that told to me before by Creationists - they are absurd!

To the creationist. If man came from dirt, why is there still dirt? If women came from ribs, why are there still ribs?

Q: If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes? 

A: Some of them were given a choice. Johnny Hart - "B.C." comic strip.

Well, the question might actually be, if God made women out of one of the ribs, do women and men have the same number of ribs?  (I honestly do not know the answer.  I do find the Hart "BC" answer to the one question amusing to say the least.  Wish I had that kind of wit.)

The answer is yes, men and women do have the same number of ribs.

Susan, in the words of Fonzie, from Happy Days - Correctomundo!!!

My goodness, now isn't THIS a good reason for people to doubt the OT.  But then, maybe Adam grew his back with the march of evolution and these are only "modern" men who have all their ribs.

Apes our distance cousins are limited in their capacity to reason, rationalize, learn, and to think analytically. They have no choice.  The people who believe the sign do have a choice and they choose ignorance and stupidity.  Between the two I proudly stand with the apes.

We might as well stand with the apes.  As Richard Dawkins has said repeatedly, we ARE apes!


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