Yes I can say there is no God: An open letter to atheists

I frequently run into atheists who spout the politically correct dictum that we cannot KNOW there is no god; we see no evidence for one, so we believe that no gods exist — but we remain agnostic to the possiblity because we have integrity and are openminded to true evidence, should it arise.

Well, I think that’s just bullsh*t coated with a dressing of the fear of being accused of being an absolutist... (This is by Carol Everhart Roper. It continues here)

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

I think the whole concept of god is purely the product of primitive magical thinking and am 100% certainty that no "gods" exist.
"I can't "know" with 100% certainty that Fred Savage isn't hiding in my closet without checking to make sure." - Jonny Marko

But even after you do check, you still don't 'know', it could be a trick like when a magician shows the box is empty, but it's actually an illusion using mirrors :P

As much as we can 'know' anything, we can KNOW that none of the mainstream prevailing god-claims (say, any cult of Mormon size or larger) are possible, due to either internal/logical inconsistencies or due to contradictory real-world evidence.

Most self-proclaimed 'atheists' are agnostic atheists, meaning we don't claim absolute knowledge that there are NO GODS, but this does not preclude being able to claim that "I know YOUR god does not exist" (@ a theist).
If you want to understand an atheistic view of cosmology, watch 'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 :-

It is suited to the intelligent lay person, yet highly enlightening, entertaining and up-to-date.
The problem is when people let the simple fact that one can not say with 100% certainty that a god does not exist lessen their assertion that a god does not exist. The point isn't that anyone knows for sure if a god exists. The point is that we have no reason at all to believe a god is in existence. And that god-belief and belief in an after-life is ultimately harmful to us.
The point is that we have no reason at all to believe a god is in existence. And that god-belief and belief in an after-life is ultimately harmful to us.

I think reasons exist....I just think they're not persuasive reasons for me, personally.

How is belief in god/afterlife ultimately harmful? I'd like to hear your reasons for finding it "harmful". Do you mean because it causes people to do harmful things to each other...or do you mean emotionally harmful? Or both? I know that many atheists frame the argument this way, but I often don't hear how they've reached the conclusion of "harmful".
Consider a congressman who votes on public policy about the environment, use of natural resources, international public relations, and any other long term issues based on a personal belief that the world will come to an end within his own lifetime. I would argue that this is harmful.
Yes, I agree that's harmful!

Isn't the world supposed to end in 2012? I teased my daughter not to try so hard at school...what's the point?? Live it up. She supposed to graduate in 2013 but this sure throws a wrench in THAT. I'm kidding.

BUT many Christians are environmentally active, ecumenical, and knowledgeable about taking a long term approach to public decision-making and international stewards of the earth, compassionate people, that line of reasoning. I certainly don't think the minority of ultra conservative congressmen have the power to WIN with their short-sighted arguments, do you? Harmful in the short-run but progressives have the upper hand... I'm an optimist.
Tom is saying that the whole idea of being that stupid is harmful all the damn time for anyone infected by the idea and all those affected by the infected.
Hi mojo5501, watch this talk by Sam Harris:
Thanks for that...I watched it and agree that there's a point where we accommodate too much and fundamentalists can find cover, as Sam Harris states, behind religious moderates. It is important to voice concerns about the intolerance of religious people when it comes to people suffering needlessly. We are supposed to be represented by a secular government in the U.S. not a theocracy.

I will have to check out Harris's book, "The End of Faith". I've been meaning to find out more about his work. I've read some of the work of Dawkins and Bennett. Isn't there a 3rd writer that's been coined part of the NEW atheist movement also? The mean ones...ha ha.
That would be Christopher Hitchens. I haven't read his books but I love listening to his debates. Check them out here:


Holy crapamoly I'm so happy you posted that link.

And just when I was running out of podcast archives too :D




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