some times i find its not  helpful  to discuss atheism with believers or trying to convert them
, maybe to keep them working hard in this life , let them live with hoop 
some times im not sure they will be good humans without believing in some God watching them....
like  Nietzsche said:yes there is no god but dont tell the maid ..she willl steal the household :)
trying hard to write good english  :)

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That's very interesting. For who, being as certain of God's existence as he is his own, when faced with facts that don't match up, could fearlessly follow his Intellect toward unbelief?

And welcome to atheist nexus by the way, it's nice to meet you!
thanks happy to be here :) its really like virtual refugee camp for me :)
Thank you for explaining that for me. Coming from a Christian background where there are no legal consequences for leaving the faith, and the social consequences are less severe, I see now I took away the wrong meaning. After a little follow-up reading, I'd say you've helped better appreciate the religious tolerance of the people around me...
thanks Murtad ,Round pig
all religions are stupid by time manner more old more stupid :)
I just saw a talk by Ron Lindsey the other day and he did a whole section on morality for the Godless. People across all cultures seem to have some basic forms of decency no matter what God they seem to think watches them. This leads to the conclusion that people do have some sort of natural inclination to not do certain actions: baby killing, slaughter of family members. So his idea is to start at a base line for things that that VAST majority of us can agree on and then work from their to define our societal morality. I do agree with you in certain cases I would much rather have a Born Again Jesus Freak preaching to me then trying to steal the stereo from my car for drugs. Your English is much better then mine and I am from America :).
it will be better I promise :) thanks
Saudi? You must be the bravest guy on this site!

There have been a few Muslims who tried to convert me, not as many as Christians. I almost converted back in college. My friends were liberal, Malaysian Muslims who partied, drank beer, etc. However, if I decided to not be a Muslim I could be killed (not by the Malaysian Muslims - they were amazing), but by fanatics.

Like I said, you are very brave. Shakespeare, "To Thine Own Self Be True."
thanks , but i dont think im alone on this in all society's taking such decision will make you lose respect ,or friends sometimes ...but as you said you win your self
thanks i will be there
Heyy, a fellow Saudi Atheist :)it's always nice to see a Saudi here .

i get your point on people needing religion. but i think this comes from long term brainwashing .
people who are told since childhood that God watches over them and counts their deeds will keep on connecting morals to God . so if they loose God , they will loose morals and maybe become lazy . this is the problem with teaching children about religion at such a young age . they grow up to be inspired by Gods presence relating their actions to him. their morals become their idea of God .

ps. i too put my name up here then decided it would be better off to put my initials .jusst incase!




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